All celebrities want to be in complete charge of their own image, but the exposure on Instagram can sometimes backfire. From celebrities who’ve been caught photoshopping the images they share on the social app to controversies started by inappropriate pictures, see a few of the biggest celebrity Instagram scandals.

Whether they wanted to or not, these celebrities ended up at the center of potentially damaging controversies, that did nothing to improve their image.

Kim Kardashian’s Photoshop Scandal

Used to getting the full Photoshop treatment on magazine covers, Kim Kardashian couldn’t resist putting retouched pictures on the site. 

Kim Kardashian Photoshopped Instagram PhotoKim Kardashian Altered Instagram Photo

Kim’s love of editing goes beyond filters and turned into one of the biggest celebrity Instagram scandals when it was clear that she did it more than once. Bendy lines that are supposed to be straight and pictures from events taken by professional photographers show that Kim isn’t opposed to retouching her waistline before posting pics on Instagram.

Rihanna’s Homophobia Accusations

Rihanna Homophobic Message Instagram

While Rihanna’s Instagram account is controversial enough on its own, the singer was also involved in a scandal that she had nothing to do with. Faking a picture in which Rihanna responds to a fan in a homophobic way was the wrong way for Benvoy Seals to get some attention. In the fake screencap, a fan tells the singer “Rihanna u going to hell girl”, and she apparently replies “Arnt you gay?… Nuff said blah!” Seals later admitted to lying and faking the exchange, posted online just days after Rihanna showed her support for Principle 6, a campaign against Russia’s homophobic laws.

Miranda Kerr’s Photoshop Scandal

Miranda Kerr Instagram Photoshop FailMiranda Kerr Instagram Photoshop Waist

Retouching was in the center of another incident on the list of biggest celebrity Instagram scandals. Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr managed to explain one incident as an honest mistake, but continued posting pictures that showed her slimmer on Instagram, with Photoshop artifacts that are undeniable evidence of the manipulation.

Robin Thicke’s Wandering Hand

Robin Thicke Wandering Hand

Fan of the singer who follow him on Instagram may have been the first to spot signs about his relationship trouble. Taking pictures in front of a mirror is never a good idea, since the shot revealed Thicke’s hand groping socialite Lana Scolaro‘s butt. A few months later, the singer and wife Paula Patton announced their split.

The Game’s Revisionist History

The Game With Tupac Instagram Photo

Tupac showing up as a hologram on Coachella must have made rapper The Game think that his image is now completely fair use. Photoshopping himself into an old picture of Tupac, The Game created one of the biggest celebrity Instagram scandals, that quickly escalated after fans of the late rapper spotted the fake.

Beyoncé’s Diss

Kelly Rowland Aaliyah TributeBeyonce Aaliyah Tribute

On what would have been Aaliyah’s 35th birthday, both Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland thought about sharing a pic they took with the late singer on Instagram. While Kelly Rowland posted the full image, with Aaliyah in the middle, Beyoncé thought she’d mix things up a big, cropping her former Destiny’s Child bandmate completely out of the picture before posting it.

Britney Spears’s Drawn On Abs

Britney Spears Fake Abs

The singer may be in good enough shape for a two-year residency show at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, but you couldn’t cut glass with her abs. Britney was involved in one of the biggest celebrity Instagram scandals when a picture showed her tummy looking like it had been drawn on to create the illusion of great abs.

Madonna’s Instagram Controversies

Madonna Instagram Controversies

She may the Queen of Pop, but she’s also building a name as the Queen of Instagram Scandals. Madonna upset her fans more than once with pictures of her wearing grillz, but her son was involved in two other controversies on the site. The singer posted a pictures of her 13-year old son with the hashtag “#disni–a” and with him holding a bottle of gin.

Peaches Geldof’s Photoshop Scandal

Peaches Geldof Instagram Photoshop

The biggest celebrity Instagram scandals seem to involve around Photoshop, and Peaches Geldof was also caught posting manipulated pics. The British socialite retouched her waistline in pics she posted on Instagram without realizing that real photographs taken at the same time will reveal her trick.

Beyonce Photoshopped Thight Gap

Beyonce Photoshopped Instagram Photos

Beyonce posted these two photos of her playing golf in her bikini and has been called out for her most recent Instagram photos for a badly photoshopped thigh gap. 

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