Apparently creative collaborations don’t give birth to a special bond between celebs. The same situation is valid for Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Sharing equal success for their top hit Telephone, didn’t bring the two divas closer. In fact, it seems that Beyonce is really fed up with the eccentric and ultra-extravagant clothing style and behavior of Lady Gaga.

According to the National Enquirer, the R’n’B singer finds the ‘fame monster’ really “tacky”. The latest celeb gossips reveal that Beyonce wants to take Lady Gaga down for stealing the spotlight not only with her controversial videos, but also shocking public appearances. In spite of the fact that millions of fans are thrilled to see the next outfit of Lady Gaga, others, as her co-singers, might consider it a mean trick to feature on the cover of all influential magazines and exercise her supremacy on the whole showbiz.

 Beyonce Wants to Take Lady Gaga Down

An insider claimed to the same magazine that, “Beyonce thought Gaga’s entrance [at the Grammy’s] was way over the top and ridiculously self-serving. Every other artist worked the red carpet in a traditional manner, but Gaga made it all about her.” Indeed, Lady Gaga is not the artist who gets overlooked at these special events. Her efforts to shock and charm the public are always rewarded by standing ovation. It is however understandable that Beyonce, as one of the most beloved music divas of the moment, might fear her popularity and reputation. It seems that celebs feel offended as they get pushed into the background by a similar performer.

Another insider on behalf of Lady Gaga told the magazine that, “At this point, Gaga is used to people criticizing her. It’s part of being so successful. But she never expected it from Beyonce, who she saw as a friend and supported. Gaga plans to confront her the next time they run into each other and demand an apology.”

The response comes from another insider who states that, “Beyonce believes that musicians should let their talent do the talking, and she finds it really tacky that Gaga constantly tries to one-up everyone with her ridiculous fashion statements. She’s telling people that she wants to take Gaga down a few pegs.” Whether this is the beginning of a real celeb battle is still unknown. However, the fans will definitely keep an eye on the two music divas to see the outcome of this elegant and yet subtle celebrity catfight.

Whose team are you in?

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