Beyonce has managed to capture attention through her beauty and amazing voice, and her immense talent has helped her become one of the most appreciated female singers of the present. Beyonce exudes power and confidence on stage and in front of the cameras, so check out Beyonce’s style inside W Magazine’s July 2011 issue.

Apparently, her alter-ego Sasha Fierce, Beyonce’s stage personality, helps her be powerful on stage, as Beyonce says naturally she is quite shy. The bold side of Beyonce became visible while she was filming her first solo video for “Crazy in love”.

Beyonce W Magazine Beyonce W Magazine

Beyonce W Magazine July

In W Magazine Beyonce talks about her latest album, Lady Gaga as well as her mission. The days when she was one of the Destiny Girls are over, but her popularity only climbed higher. Her latest album, titled 4, has a definite drive transposed into it, meaning Beyonce is determined to make fresh music which will make her fans and herself feel happy. She says: “I wanted this record to come from a raw place,” “The fans have named the album 4, and four is my favorite number. It’s an important number in my life: the date of my birthday, my mom’s birthday, my husband’s birthday, the day I got married. Barack Obama is the 44th president, and I performed ‘At Last’ by Etta James at his inauguration.”

As far as her collaboration with Gaga, Beyonce says that “Gaga is my girl!” There have been speculations regarding a competition between the two, but Beyonce says she is actually Gaga’s biggest fan. She told W: “I’m her biggest fan. When I first saw her perform, I actually called her and said, ‘You are great!’ That was before her popularity hit, and we had a natural connection. Later, she asked me to do her video (for Telephone) and I said, ‘I trust you, Gaga. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.’ I played a bad, bad girl. When I put on the Bettie Page wig, I got into the character. I started researching Bettie Page and tried to channel her pinups and poses.”

Beyonce 2011 W Magazine Beyonce 2011 W Magazine

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Her incredible fierce personality comes alive when Beyonce is on stage and she says that Sasha Fierce, her stage alter-ego has helped her to let go of her shyness, as she was no longer with her girl friends from Destiny’s Child on stage, she was alone, so she needed to be confident. This way she was able to let go and show off her sensuality in a totally different way. The photos featured in the magazine portray Beyonce as the fierce, fearless woman she is, as being a powerful woman is according to Beyonce her mission.

Source and Photos: W Magazine Photographs by Patrick Demarchelier