Solange’s shocking attack on Jay-Z has puzzled fans everywhere and kept them wondering what might have been the reason that triggered the fight. Recent events suggest that Beyonce’s marriage problems might have been to blame for the surprising act. While neither one of the celebrities gave any sort of statements regarding the causes of the family drama caught on tape by the surveillance cameras at the Standard Hotel, recent photos indicate that Beyonce’s wedding tattoo might have been removed.

The diva’s hand looked quite different at the Brooklyn Nets playoff game on Saturday where she went with her husband. First of all, the diva wasn’t spotted wearing her engagement ring and, upon further inspection, it seems like the IV tattoo symbol is gone and that only a red mark was left in its place. Given the fact that Beyonce’s IV tattoo is very symbolic sign of her bond with Jay Z, the act of lasering it off might indicate problems in the power couple’s marriage.

Beyonce Wedding Tattoo

The IV symbol represents the two stars’ permanent wedding band. It also stands for Beyonce and Jay’s birthdays, the couple’s wedding date (April 4) and even their daughter’s middle name: IV reads as Ivy. Moreover, a photo shared by the star on Tumblr a few weeks ago showed her without any ring on her finger and with a plaster over the tattoo, which seems to be consistent with the procedure of tattoo removal. It is still unclear whether her husband’s tattoo is still intact.

Beyonce Lasered Wedding Tattoo

While recent rumors indicated that Solange’s attack on Jay Z might have been caused by the rapper’s desire to attend a party organized by Rihanna without Beyonce, the diva shared a picture of her and Rihanna posing together, which doesn’t help clear things up one bit. In fact, it raises more questions than it answers, making people wonder if Jay Z has done something seriously wrong in his marriage. Moreover, Beyonce looked quite content while stepping out of the elevator after the infamous attack took place, and recently even shared picture of her and her sister seemingly having a good time, which might suggest that there’s no bad blood between the two of them over the incident.

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Photos: Beyonce Instagram, Getty Images