Beth Ditto is a real activist when it comes to feminism. Therefore, she knows how to land in the spotlight with her intriguing and often controversial public appearances and statements. This time the Gossip lead singer, Beth Ditto gives her verdict on the Karl Lagerfeld and Adele story in an interview for the Evening Standard.

“I don’t think Adele would deny that she was fat. And I bet she doesn’t. Karl Lagerfeld used to be fat himself, so you gotta think about that. He’s obviously not proud of that fact. I also think that people give him way too much power! He’s just an eccentric designer who makes amazing art but doesn’t always say the coolest shit.

And…the way I feel about Adele is, I doubt, and I hope, and I’m pretty confident, that she does not think about Karl Lagerfeld, ever. I bet that is the last thing on her mind at night. She’s falling asleep on her 85 Grammys and however many millions of albums she’s sold and however many millions of pounds that she has, and is just probably thinking, like, “You know what – all right!”

 Beth Ditto On The Karl Lagerfeld and Adele Story

The super-talented singer succeeded in stripping off her confidence issues just to attract the attention of the public to common stereotypes with it comes to beauty ideals. As a prominent celeb who attends numerous fashion shows and marches on the runway if a nonconformist designer asks her, Beth Dito became one of the fashion forces in the world of style creators and ‘it’ girls.

Undoubtedly, her revolution for curves started with her naked coverphoto in Love magazine. Katie Grand also called her, “an accidental size hero for the size zero” as well as “a generational icon, confounding the tedious stereotypes of what it is to be a wonderful 21st-century woman.”

Beth Ditto had the chance to meet Karl Lagerfeld at the Bambi award show as the photo here illustrates. When she was asked about the great meeting, she revealed that it was actually, “one of the most challenging things I have ever done” and Beth added that she felt that it was “dangerous to be a feminist and stand in front of Karl Lagerfeld and look him in the eye.”

We’re looking forward to other celebs who want to give their verdict on this controversial celeb story.

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