Selfies can go viral, start trends, and become engrained in pop culture, thanks to the star power behind them. Check out a few of the best celebrity selfies of all time, that will definitely stick around even after the social media platforms they were published on will be long gone.

From Chris Pratt’s abs to a Jackie Kennedy selfie that’s 60 years old, see a few of the most iconic celebrity selfies ever taken.

Chris Pratt’s Abs Selfie

Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” became the highest grossing movie of the year at the domestic box office, and that’s in no small part thanks to Chris Pratt’s relentless social media campaign revolving around his abs. 

Chris Pratt Abs Selfie

This is the selfie that started it all.

Ellen’s Academy Awards Selfie

Ellen Academy Awards Selfie

In one of the best celebrity selfies of all time, Ellen DeGeneres managed to gather together at the 2014 Academy Awards some of the biggest names in showbiz, including Jennifer Lawrence, Mery Streep, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie, along with half of Jared Leto’s face.

Justin Bieber’s Hospital Selfie

Justin Bieber Hospital Selfie

After collapsing on stage in London, Justin Bieber ended up in the hospital. Of course, the singer was less interested in his health than he was in getting his hair to look perfect and his abs to stand out for the perfect selfie.

Beyoncé’s Pixie Selfie

Beyonce Pixie Haircut Selfie

Definitely one of the best celebrity selfies of all time, Beyoncé’s short hair selfie instantly started a trend. Even if the singer was only wearing a wig, the iconic image solidified the pixie’s status as one of the coolest short hairstyles.

James Franco’s Pads Selfie

James Franco Eye Pads Selfie

Among his many shirtless pics posted on social media, James Franco found time for a bedtime selfie, in his blond period. The actor may be working on his PhD, but he still finds time to post epic selfies, including this one, with facial pads that probably reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles.

Miley Cyrus’ Lil’ Kim Halloween Selfie

Miley Cyrus As Lil Kim Halloween Selfie

The singer has many pictures that could arguably be included in a list of the best celebrity selfies of all time, but Miley’s most talked about picture is her 2013 Halloween selfie. Dressed as Lil’ Kim at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, with a breast covered in just a purple pasty, Miley snapped the pic before heading to a party.

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Ricky Gervais and Conan’s Bathtub Selfie

Ricky Gervais And Conan Bathtub Selfie

Even though trying too hard generally leads to a sad selfie, and not an epic one, Conan and Ricky Gervais struck selfie gold when they got into a bathtub together. Making faces in the bubble bath turned out to be the right approach to create a timeless selfie.

Kim Kardashian’s Butt Selfie

Kim Kardashian Butt Selfie

If going viral is the most important qualifier, then Kim Kardashian created one of the best celebrity selfies of all time while showing off her butt. The image was parodied countless times, and also increased the number of searches for butt exercise videos.

Ian Somerhalder’s Neil Patrick Harris Photobomb Selfie

Ian Somerhalder And Neil Patrick Harris Photobomb Selfie

While Ian Somerhalder was taking a selfie at the Celebrity Beach Bowl with English actor Joshua Sasse, Neil Patrick Harris thought he could add something to the image. While it may not be the most original idea for photobombing, it certainly took this selfie to a whole new level.

Meryl Streep and Hillary Clinton Selfie

Meryl Streep And Hillary Clinton Selfie

While Meryl Streep taking a picture with her phone should instantly become one of best celebrity selfies of all time, this one has more than that working for it. It features Hillary Clinton and it was also taken to support Shutter To Think, a charitable program that supports education for girls.

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Katy Perry and Niall Horan’s “Engagement” Selfie

Katy Perry And Niall Horan Engagement Selfie

Taking a selfie with Niall Horan of One Direction, Katy Perry broke a thousands hearts when she announced their engagement. Luckily for the band’s fans, it was all a joke, and Niall is still single.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s Mirror Selfie

Jacqueline Kennedy Mirror Selfie

Proving that selfies weren’t invented after smartphones, Jackie Kennedy also took one of the best celebrity selfies of all time, more than 60 years ago. The mirror shot also features JFK, and Ethel Skakel, Robert F. Kennedy’s wife.