While some celebrities expand their brands with fragrances or try to get into the design business, other see apps as a good opportunity to make some extra money. From tried and true concepts with a celebrity name behind them to more fresh concept, here are some of the best celebrity apps.

The most successful apps created with the input of celebrities manage to focus on their brand, but that hasn’t stopped many stars from trying out something new in the app world. Check out some of their best creations.

Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood

Climbing the Hollywood social ladder is something Kim Kardashian knows a lot about, which is why her freemium game was an instant hit. 

Kim Kardashian Hollywood App

Taking your avatar from nobody to A-lister takes a lot of patience or money, and the app is set to make around $200 million thanks to the in-app purchases according to Forbes magazine. Kim’s cut from the app available on Google Play and in the App Store should be around $85 million.

Justin Bieber’s Shots

Shorts Justin Bieber App

If you’re obsessed with selfies, Shots is definitely one of the best celebrity apps. Available for iPhone and Android, Justin Bieber’s app is a social network for sharing selfies that replaces comments with direct messages. Rumors have been circulating that Twitter is interested in purchasing the app, but the singer is holding on to it for the moment.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up!

Ellen Degeners Heads Up App

A digital version of the classic “Who am I?”, Ellen DeGeneres game provides you with a word from many different categories. As you hold your smartphone to your forehead, your friends give you clues without spelling it out for you. The app also records videos, so you won’t lose any hilarious moments, making it a great update of a tried and true society game, available in both the App Store and Google Play.

Kate Bosworth’s Style Thief

Kate Bosworth Style Thief App

Launched in 2014, this App Store exclusive is free, and it’s definitely one of the best celebrity apps. Using photo recognition tools, the app can help you locate the items you’re capturing with the iPhone’s camera. Whether you’re looking to “steal” your style from strangers on the street or from magazines, Style Thief delivers excellent matches.

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes

Jamie Oliver Recipes App

A free app available exclusively in the App Store, Jamie Oliver’s Recipes gives you access many of the celebrity chef’s recipes. You can subscribe and pay to get more content, but the basic version of the app is already very useful in the kitchen when you’re looking for a quick and delicious Jamie Oliver approved recipe.

Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari Lifestyle App

After building her brand on reality TV with “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” on MTV, Kristin Cavallari also developed one of the best celebrity apps. A lifestyle winner, the eponymous iPhone app delivers everything from delicious recipes to style tips. You’ll also find health and parenting advice in a very sleek and enjoyable form.

Snoop Lion’s Snoopify!

Snoopify Snoop Dog App

Rastafy yourself by way more than 10% with Snoop’s free iPhone and Android app. If you’re looking to add some Snoop Dogg or Lion flavor to your selfies, the app offers plenty of “stickers” you can use in your selfies. Be prepared to pay for extra Snoop swag.

Martha Stewart’s CraftStudio

Martha Stewart Craftstudio App

Bringing her unique take on crafts to a free iTunes app, Martha Stewart came up with one of the best celebrity apps by sticking to what she knows best. Create your own cards, invitations, thank-you notes or even scrapbook pages with plenty of stylish backgrounds and embellishments.

Tom Hanks’s Hanx Writer

Tom Hanks Typewriter App

The iPad only app created by Academy Award winner Tom Hanks has less to do with his name and more to do with his love of Hanx Prime Select typewriters. Recreate the experience of writing on one with the original sounds of a classic typewriter.

GoldfrApp: Tales of Us

Goldfrapp App Tales Of Us

A novel concept and excellent execution makes this one of the best celebrity apps. Even though it costs $0.99 and it’s only available in the App Store, GoldfrApp: Tales of Us managed to impress with its special double exposure photo technique. You can create your own carefully considered works of art or just use the randomizer to come up with something unexpected.