Ashley Tisdale graces the cover of ‘Zooey’ magazine, the May 2011 issue, looking pretty and so natural in a pictorial lensed by Derek Wood. In the interview with the magazine, the 25-year-old actress dishes on her latest movie “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure”, about “Hellcats”, a weekly drama about the ultra-competitive cheerleading squad at the fictional Lancer University in Memphis, working out with a trainer six days a week and learning different complex routines every week.

Even though it might seem rather easy, being an actress requires 100% dedication and a lot of hard work. And Ashley knows this since she is completely devoted to everything she does. “It’s so crazy. It’s definitely hard,” Ashley says of her hectic schedule.

On filming all the difficult scenes in “Hellcats” she told the magazine that, “When we did the pilot, we had two weeks to rehearse the three cheer sequences we filmed. Then, once we were picked up for the season, we started filming and had only one week to learn everything for the next episode. Now, it’s to the point where sometimes I’ll only have an hour and a half to learn the routine.”

Ashley’s success, which she mostly achieved due to her role in Disney’s franchise “High School Musical”, is the reflection of her love for her work. And she totally proves it in “Hellcats”, in which she plays Savannah Monroe, making incredible advanced cheerleading moves. “You’re really high up there. You can’t look down, or you’ll freak out! If you had told me seven or eight months ago… I would have been, like, there’s no way I can do that! But it’s cool to see how much we’ve accomplished from when we started. I love that,” she recalls.

You surely remember Sharpay, the blonde self-centered drama queen in “High School Musical”. On her character, Ashley told ‘Zooey’ that, “Sharpay was ‘The Villain,’ and nobody thought she was going to stand out. But I wanted her to be a character that fans would really enjoy watching. I decided that she should always have a smile on her face when she’s stirring up trouble. She’s the one you love to hate.”

Now, if you missed her, you should know that the story goes on as Sharpay is heading to Broadway in a new “High School Musical” spin-off, called “Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure”. “Disney actually couldn’t believe that all the fans loved the character so much,” Ashley says.

As you can see, Ashley also signed a few of her Polaroid shots that you can find on eBay and which are now up for auction with the donations going to the American Red Cross’ Japan Relief Fund. You can also take a look at a behind-the-scenes video from Ashley’s photo shoot for ‘Zooey’ magazine.

Photos courtesy of Zooey Magazine