With the last part of ‘Twilight’ closing in for its première this fall and her new movie ‘The Apparition’ about to hit the theaters next month, actress Ashley Greene landed a feature in Esquire August 2012, where the hottie opened up about working on the highly successful movie, the sacrifices she made for her career and more, all while channeling her inner goddess as she posed seductively donning nothing but sexy lingerie for the camera lens of Brooke Nipar for Esquire.

She’s proved her talent playing the role of Alice Cullen and now she’s about to conquer new terrain playing the role of Kelly in the horror/thriller movie ‘The Apparition’, but according to the actress working on ‘Twilight’ gave her “years to consider how I wanted to work otherwise”. Filming in five locations for the ‘Twilight Saga’ doesn’t mean she managed to feel at home in all of the locations as Ashley says:

“You make five movies with the same people and they really do feel like family. But film those same five movies in different locations, and none of the locations ever really feels like home.”

While she looks like she has everything a person could ever want: fame, money, good looks and the age to enjoy high-quality life, things weren’t always this good for Ashley as the 25 year old stunner, who is now recognized on an international level due to her role in the ‘Twilight’ trilogy, confessed to Esquire that after arriving to L.A to pursue a career in acting, she didn’t have too much offers to start with so she had to sacrifice her partying habits. The actress said:

“In my second year in Los Angeles, when I was eighteen, I wasn’t getting any bookings, so I stopped going out, stopped partying. It was a matter of getting to the work. I had to focus.”

She’s barely 25 years old but it seems that age is just a number for Ashley as when asked about her feelings regarding the fact she’s now getting closer to her 30s, the actress elegantly responds by saying ‘it’s a good age. It’s an age of choices.’

With her talent, natural beauty and stunning physique, which she proudly displays in the magazine’s feature, Ashley’s future looks bright, so find out more about the bombshell by checking out her spread and full interview in Esquire’s August 2012 issue. Photos courtesy of Esquire