Alexa Chung lands on the new restyled, handbag-sized issue of Company magazine February 2012. In the accompanying interview, the 28-year-old style icon dishes on her wardrobe, most fashionable place on earth, her fashion mishaps but also about the relationship with her hair. Speaking about her style and how much this has changed since 2008, when she was featured on Company’s cover, Alexa says that, “Not really, I still dress like a granny. I suppose the labels got fancier. Unfortunately, my approach to carrying for my clothes didn’t adapt accordingly – a lot is stored on my bedroom floor.” Alexa admits that the questions she is asked more frequently are “Which new trends are you most excited by?” and “Where does your surname come from?” and that she is happiest when shopping for “creepy antique paintings of ships/seascapes.”

The lovely TV presenter and model also revealed in the cover story with the magazine that she wishes she’d never worn Ugg boots or “ugh boots” as she calls them. As for her wardrobe, Chung confesses that she can only describe it as “a bit of mess”. Well, despite the mess, we all agree that the famous it-Brit girl has one of the most enviable wardrobes in the business. Asked about that one item she couldn’t live without, Alexa says that, “Oooooohhh.. If I must pick one, it has to be denim.”

Alexa Chung Covers Company February 2012

Alexa is a style icon, she is the perfect embodiment of the eclectic British look and a regular on the front row. Therefore, she is undoubtedly the best choice as Company’s cover star for the magazine’s new, restyled issue. Chung always manages to give a cool, refreshing spin on conventional dressing. The lovely TV presenter confesses that she doesn’t borrow clothes from her mates.

“I don’t get to borrow clothes from people. If I ever ask to wear something of theirs, they’re often quick to point out that I have probably have my own version of it somewhere,” Alexa says.

As for her, one thing she would never lend to a friend, not even her BFF are her lenses. According to Alexa, the most fashionable place on Earth is the 149 bus in London. If she had to choose between a permanent spring/summer wardrobe or a permanent autumn/winter one, Chung says that, “A/W, for sure. I like layering and displaying my wares all in one go.”

Alexa’s so effortlessly and cool yet chic and glossy hair perfectly suits her looks. At an Australian press conference, the British model said that The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger and Brian Jones were her hair idols. In the February 2012 issue of Company magazine, Chung explained that her relationship with her hair is “A hate/hate relationship. I’ve come to terms with the fact it’s thin and prone to tangles.”

Alexa Chung Covers Company February 2012

Photos courtesy of COMPANY