She has an incredible voice, she’s beautiful, humble and down-to-earth. Adele, as it’s her we are talking about, covers Cosmopolitan December 2011 and sits down for a chat with the magazine dishing on love and heartbreaks, relationships, but also career and sharing her feelings through her music.

“I don’t consider myself a singer. My favorite singers are Etta James and Aretha Franklin. If you were to look up the word singer in the dictionary, you’d see their names. Not mine,” Adele says in the interview with Cosmopolitan. Well, it is rather hard to believe this since the extremely talented 23-year-old songstress had an amazing year breaking so many industry records with her album ’21’.

Adele confesses she knew she wanted to be a professional singer by the age of 12. “We’d be watching The X Factor, and my family would tell me I should go on. But then you’d see a parent on the show saying ‘My child is the next Mariah,’ and the kid would be rubbish. So I’d look at them and think, ‘F*** you, you just want me to be embarrassed for a good laugh,” she says.

Even though she became famous for her breathtaking, sad ballads, Adele is in fact a cheerful, happy person. “Ugh, people must think I am this total mope. But I’m really not. I’m actually quite fun and happy most of the time,” the singer told Cosmo.

Adele Covers Cosmopolitan December 2011

Speaking about the beginning of her career, Adele says that, “A friend of mine had set up a Myspace page with some of my songs on it. So this guy e-mailed me on there and said he worked at a label and wanted to meet with me. I thought it was just some perv on the internet, so I e-mailed back and said ‘Leave me alone, I’m organizing my birthday party.’ He asked if I was signed, and I told him no and that he could e-mail me in a few weeks when I was finished school.” However, Adele had no idea whatsoever that that guy was working for the same label that represents Radiohead and M.I.A.

Then, Adele agreed to meet him. “We met; they liked me and signed me. I feel bad telling that story because it was really that easy,” she recalls.

Adele also opens up to the magazine and talks about her relationships and heartbreaks. “It was my first relationship. He cheated on me, and I was gutted. I was a teenager, and it was a flimsy relationship, you know? But suddenly, I had something to write about.” Next, the album ’19’ came out in January 2008. As for her next boyfriend, she says that, “It was a more severe relationship than the one before. And things went tragic between us, and we broke up. I’m fine without him, but I don’t want to be without him and I still miss him.”

Despite all the negative experiences, Adele admits she wants to get married. “First, I need someone who will make me laugh. And next time, I won’t be quite giving with my time. Before, I’d always leave somewhere early to get back to him or cancel my plans so I’d be home when he got home. That’s not healthy, and I won’t let it happen again,” she says. “I’d like to get married one day. But he’d have to sign a prenup. Can you imagine?!”

Read Adele’s full interview in the December issue of Cosmopolitan.

Adele Covers Cosmopolitan December 2011

Adele Covers Cosmopolitan December 2011

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