The media is with eyes open each time they spot the initial signs that a celebrity might be about to experience of an amazing event. Famous celeb pregnancies make no exception. In fact the public is fascinated by the private life success of their idols which is crowned with a cute little baby that would take over the family heritage as well as echoes the love of these cute couples.

The 2010 celebrity baby bumps list features some of the most beautiful and acclaimed actresses, singers as well as socialites who earned world-wide success with their radiating charisma as well as talent. Therefore being in a similar condition is even more fascinating for the fans and also a novelty for most of these celebs. These are some of the most prominent mom-to-bes of this year you should keep an eye on.

Penelope Cruz

Fortunately it was confirmed that the signs that reveal the cute baby bumps of the successful actress are valid. Penelope Cruz married her ‘Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona’ co-star, Javier Bardem and they’re having their first baby. The actress is not yet in the phase of revealing her fabulous bump to the media still soon it would be almost impossible to hide it.

Lily Allen Baby BumpLily Allen/Getty ImagesMiranda Kerr Baby BumpMiranda Kerr/Getty Images

Lily Allen

The growing tummy is no longer a secret for the media, as Lily Allen is keen to flash it everytime she has the chance. Indeed the award-winning musician might choose tricky and uniform colored [dresses to create a more mysterious allure, her Twitter account it the living proof of her fascination for this brand new experience she share with her boyfriend, Sam Cooper.

Miranda Kerr

Victoria’s Secret angel as well as hyper-popular beauty idol Miranda Kerr decided to show off her baby bump in order to reveal her cheer for the tiny newcomer. Her hubby Orlando Bloom is just as excited and proud of his upcoming new role this time off the canvas. The young model is not the only one from the world of fashion and more the heavenly crew of Victoria’s Secret who is a proud mom-to-be. She shares this pleasure also with Doutzen Kroes who is also about to experience the time of her life.

Alanis Morissette Baby BumpAlanis Morissette/Getty ImagesChristina Applegate Baby BumpChristina Applegate/Getty Images

Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette is indeed one of the most acclaimed musicians of our time and this time she prepares for a brand new role. The news of having a tiny newcomer under her heart made the award-winning singer sparkle both on the red carpet as well as in private when spending some precious time with the proud daddy, Mario “MC Souleye” Treadway. The young couple welcomes its first baby showing off the cute baby bump each time they have the chance.

Christina Applegate

The cancer-survivor star was indeed admired by millions both for her ambition and this time her strong will to start a new life with her fiance Martyn Lenoble. They are expecting their first child with excitement however the fab actress claims that pregnancy is pretty exhausting. Besides the frequent food cravings she still states that it is a bliss to feel the baby kicking.

Kelly Preston Baby BumpKelly Preston/Getty ImagesAlicia Keys Baby BumpAlicia Keys/Getty Images

Kelly Preston

After the disastrous events tat happened in the family of John Travolta and Kelly Preston it was indeed a miraculous news to find out that the award-winning actress is again pregnant. The 47 years old Kelly Preston is indeed radiating as if she’s got a second chance to restore the worldly bliss in their family after the worst tragedy that could happen to them. The whole family is fascinated by the arrival of the baby and Kelly claims that John is the most excited and inpatient.

Alicia Keys

The awarded musician is expecting her first baby with Swizz Beatz, her hubby who is jut as excited about this new experience as the fresh celebrity mom. Alicia shows off her beautiful baby bump on her her concerts and tour shows. The stylish dresses as well as jumpsuits look fabulous when paired with her cute and ever growing tummy.