Perfectly manicured nails are a must regardless of the season, yet this doesn’t mean that the same hues that flattered our nails one season are suitable for the next. And, if bright vivid hues are ideal for spring and summer, the fall season tends to balance things out as it brings a myriad of more dramatic, yet extremely dark hues that can instantly make a statement in and of themselves.

The latest nail polish collection from the well known brand, Zoya, illustrates the close connection between the fashion and beauty industry and aims to eliminate the gap between fashion trends and beauty trends with a fabulous collection of alluring nail polishes that are perfectly in tune with some of the most important runways.

Whether you like to coordinate the color of your nail polish with your outfit or you prefer to mix things up, the new nail lacquers will surely conquer you from start. These long lasting nail lacquers are not only fashionable, but also environmentally friendly. Thanks to their toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) free formula, you won’t have to worry about unwanted side effects that might take a toll on your health.

Zoya Smoke Fall 2011 Nail Collection Zoya Mirrors Fall 2011 Nail Collection

Femininity and elegance is the brand’s mission for the season if we are to judge by the names of the nail polish shades in the collection. And with shades that range from light and delicate to dramatic and eye-catching, the collection can appeal to a wide range of personalities and style preferences. Here are the hues that can compliment your style this fall:

Zoya Smoke

Jana (ZP564) – smoky mauve quartz cream

Petra (ZP565) – smoky eggplant mauve cream

Codie (ZP566) – smoky brown taupe cream

Anja (ZP567) – smoky palatinate purple cream

Cynthia (ZP568) – smoky Prussian blue cream

Dree (ZP569) – smoky camouflage green cream

Zoya Mirrors

Nimue (ZP570) – smoky rich thistle metallic

Marina (ZP571) – smoky steel blue metallic

Tao (ZP572) – smoky slate gray metallic

Yara (ZP573) – sparkly olive green metallic

Neeka (ZP574) – sparkly amethyst purple metallic

Jem (ZP575) – sparkly fandango pink metallic

The new nail lacquer shades will be available starting with July 15, yet those who are eager to try the new stylish hues sooner can pre-order the collection from the official website of the company. The suggested retail price for each nail polish bottle is $8.

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