Let your manicure be the perfect solution for an eclectic touch with the new nail design collection from Mara Hoffman and Zebber nails for the fall 2012 season. Dare to be different with these easy to apply nail designs.

Nail art has uncovered a new fashion territory to be explored, however, creating complex themes and motifs requires a lot of skill and patience. Fashion statements, quick focal points and instant conversation starters, on trend nail designs are definitely a strong asset when it comes to making a quick style change. While the style perks have remained the same, the difficulty in creating these patterns is about to change as talented nail artists uncover new ways to give us the style we crave for.

For the fall 2012 presentation, Mara Hoffman has enlisted the help of Sara Havens from Zebber Nails to create a truly flattering look from head to toe. A myriad of tribal influences, 90s graphics and a multitude of nail designs with colors taken right from the Mara Hoffman runway collection are the main sources of inspiration and the motifs used to create exciting nail options for you to enjoy when aiming for something a little different.

The nails are individually painted and have no less than 3 topcoats which ensure you'll enjoy a chip-free long lasting manicure and a distinctive crystal shine. Those who are drawn to the designs and wander how these can be bought should know that customers will receive 24 full-cover nails with application instructions and tips which they can order either from the Etsy page or from zebber.tumblr.com. Each design has a short description and so you'll know exactly what the source of inspiration for your manicure was. Extra details regarding pricing and shipping can also be found on Etsy.