With a multitude of interesting style perspectives brought to the market by different cosmetic labels, we are able to get a relatively good grasp of the new season color trend. However, seeing an ultra comprehensive coverage of the hottest hues of the season is quite a rare event. The La Laque Couture nail polish collection by luxury label Yves Saint Laurent fits the later category perfectly as it comprises no less than 30 Y-conic nail lacquers.

The collection, which is set to hit selected stores on April 18 internationally, aims to be the ultimate beauty accessory to indulge in a luxurious and incredibly seductive allure. Different chromatic influences manage to have a strong appeal among different categories of customers from those who crave for an instant colorful statement to those who are orientated towards pastels for a refined touch that doesn’t become overly conspicuous.

YSL La Laque Couture Nail Polish Collection

It’s almost impossible to remember all the names of the lacquers included in the latest collection, however the brand makes it easier to recognize the shade by clearly displaying the names along with a number. Rouge Pop Art, Orange Fusion, Corail Colisee, Corail Divin, Rose Renaissance, Violine Surrealiste, Violet Baroque, Gris Deco, Blanc Symbolique, Bronze Aztec or Dore Orfevre are among the many shades worth checking out.

Are you tempted to purchase any of the spring summer 2012 “Very Parisian colours, extremely vivid, intensely pure, all inspired by fabulous YSL fabrics and accessories”?

Photo courtesy of YSL