Nowadays nail designs are a true form of self-expression. Fulfilling the need for variety and interest, while being an easily reversible style option that can compliment women of all ages, nail art has quickly earned an important place in the beauty routines of modern women. Refined, classy and elegant or funky, colorful and eye-popping, nail designs can match any mood or occasion, as long as they are chosen properly.

Going beyond the usual patterns and style rules, while still maintaining the unity of the design, is perhaps the most obvious place to start when trying to create a whimsical design that will challenge your creativity. Be prepared to juggle with color and make sure to select a myriad of style elements based on a previously chosen theme. Abstract nail designs are perhaps the ones that offer the most freedom of choice as they allow a great variety of details to choose from and typically do not require a lot of artistic skills to be created.

Stripes, animal prints, checkered patterns, simple animal prints or even plain curved lines are some examples of the style elements that can be easily combined for a surprising effect. With the right color palette, an eye for detail and a lot of patience, anyone can get a unique looking nail design. Of course, in the case of complex nail designs with a lot of elements, we always have the option to cheat and go for a minx design. The only drawback of this strategy is that these tend to look less natural than those created through other techniques. Nonetheless, minx nail designs can be fun to experiment with.

Your personality and the occasion are two factors which always have a tremendous influence on the final choice. While a casual event might not pose too many restrictions when it comes to the designs chosen, a party nail design might require a more careful consideration. Even though it might seem that strong, bold colors and a myriad of elements are mandatory for a funky design, it does not necessarily have to be so. There are a lot of options you can use to add a festive touch to your nails. Glitter, rhinestones or french manicures with a twist are just a few popular ideas you can use.

Even though some quirky nail designs can be easily created at home, for more complex nail designs, turning to the services of a professional manicurist might be recommended. Having a clear idea of what you want and being specific about it will help in either cases. Select the theme and the main color palette and you’ll be one step closer to the desired look. Browse through the fabulous selection of nail designs available to find additional elements that match your vision.