The inexhaustible color palette offered by the well-known nail polish brand Wet n Wild is indeed pretty impressive and heartwarming for those who are eager to pile up the key nail shades for the warm season. The hues vary from the classy neutrals to the neon and sight-catching shades that look simply amazing when paired with a party outfit.

Long gone are the days when you had to wait half an hour to have a completely dried manicure. The new revolution of fast dry nail varnishes help you save time and energy to find more pleasure in the nail painting sessions. Check out the Wet n Wild Fast Dry nail color collection for Spring 2011 that will definitely motivate you to try out all the hot nail designs from the market.

The names are as versatile as the shades and some of them may sound familiar as these were mainly inspired by the most popular TV shows and series of the moment.

Those who are fond of the fast dry nail polish collections should definitely take a closer look at this rich and vibrant array of colors to experiment with. The Spring 2011 collection includes shades as:

The Gold & the Beautiful

The Wonder Yellows

Sage in the City

SaGreena The Teenage Witch

Teal or No Teal

Teal of Fortune

Ebony Hates Chris

Saved By The Blue

Buffy The Violet Slayer


How I Met Your Magenta

Hannah Pinktana

Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire


Gray’s Anatomy

Party of Five Glitters

Everybody Loves Redmond

Colorful nail art will turn your nails into the most prominent accessories to perk up your warm weather look. Therefore, let the super-cheap and fabulous Wet n Wild nail color collection take your nail painting skills to the next level.

Look for the complete nail polish line in your local drugstore and make sure you have them all in your nail kit to have endless options to wear your nails tinted with the hottest shades of the season. Explore the benefits of a wider color palette and wear either mono- or rainbow colored nail designs to show off your versatile character.

Image courtesy of Wet n Wild