The fact that our body needs essential vitamins to function properly is not exactly front page news, and the negative effects of vitamin deficiencies have been long demonstrated by physicians. Our entire body needs different vitamins to ensure a healthy development and that includes the nails as well. The hands and nails are always in the center of attention as we use our hands for everything, so maintaining them in a healthy and good condition is a must, especially if you care about physical appearance.

There is a belief that you can say a lot of things about a person just by looking at their hands, so pay as much attention to them as you can. A necessary vitamin deficit in nail care can leave a negative print over them, and these signals should definitely not be overlooked. Your body has a unique way to tell you something is wrong, and that it’s not getting everything it needs, so learn how to interpret these signals so you’ll know how to react quickly to prevent more serious problems. Here are some tips which tell you what vitamins your body needs and where to get them to ensure your nails look flawless at all times, ensuring a perfect base for a fabulous nail art design:

Thin nails with white spots If your nails are thin, break easily and feature tiny white spots, your body might require a higher intake of zinc. A zinc deficit can also trigger hair loss and other health issues, so try to consume foods which have a high zinc content. You can find zinc naturally in the following products: vegetables, beans, mushrooms, whole grain cereal, brewer’s yeast, oysters, peanuts, liver.

Nail ridges Nail ridges are definitely not pleasant as they cause any nail art design to emphasize the appearance of the ridges. It seems that a vitamin B and iron deficiency can cause the nail to form the appearance of waves, so you need to ensure you increase your daily intake of vitamin B and iron. The following foods can help the ridges slowly disappear: liver, cod oil, carrots, sweet potatoes, paprika, red hot peppers.

Fragile nails Fragile nails are definitely a signal of a vitamin deficiency, especially of vitamin B, so increasing the intake is a must for the health of your nails as well as that of the rest of your organs. Fragile nails easily exfoliate, so try to prevent that by ensuring you get all your vitamins.

Peeling skin Sometimes the skin surrounding the nails gets dry and starts to peel, which can be quiet annoying. However, this is a sign that you’re not hydrating right and might have a folic acid deficiency, so try to ensure you add the following foods to your diet: rice, green vegetables, oranges, guava fruits, oranges, cereal, lentils, nuts and seeds, etc.

Deformed nails Deformed nails are definitely unaesthetic, so you should try your best to maintain them straight and healthy. If you’re not suffering from any condition which causes your nails to deform or your nails haven’t contacted a fungus of some form, you might have a vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C helps nails boosting their overall health, so get your vitamin C from the following foods: oranges, guavas, red/green sweet peppers, kiwis, brussels sprout, cantaloup, etc.

It is best to ensure you get your vitamins through your food, but if you think you’re not getting all of your essential vitamins turn towards vitamin supplements, but only after consulting your physician.

Vitamins Needed for Healthy Nails

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