Do the new spring 2013 nail polishes feel overwhelming yet? Just wait until Victoria’s Secret nail polishes hit the market. As if the hot lingerie pieces weren’t a strong enough temptation already, the label now brings no less than 20 new nail polishes for beauty junkies to indulge in. The extensive palette of nail lacquers doesn’t feature any types of nail art effects, however, it brings various finishes: metallic, sparkle and crème. Unsurprisingly, the new line features quite a few flattering pink tones worth indulging in.

Since pink is the most representative tone of the label, we’ll first analyze the flirty shades from this category. You might think pinks are delicate and subtle but these tones with suggestive names beg to differ. Choose between Flirt Away, Bitten, Addictive, String Bikini, Classified, Bombshell Pink, Peep Show. If pretty pinks feel a little cliché, no worries. You can make a statement with interesting and sophisticated metallic instead. The tongue in the cheek names leave little room for doubt as far as the high impact these can have. The options in this category are: Steal The Show, Boudoir, Cuffed, No Strings Attached.

Victoria Victorias Secret Launches 20 Nail Polish Shades

Sometimes, a girl just has to have her glitter as few things can match the festive allure a little sparkle can bring. For those times, the label brings four rich and uber covetable shades. Backstage, Drama Queen, Break The Rules, Star Power. Overall, there is multitude of fabulous nail polishes to choose from already, however the label isn’t done yet. The label finishes off its new collection, which can really be seen as an extra step to world dominance, with five creamy and refined tones: Role Play, Perfect, Tantalize, Lustworthy, Do Not Disturb. Yes, we’ve worn you resisting these tones would prove difficult.

Want to sport these pretty shades for V-Day or are you simply taken over by the must-have-it-now syndrome? No problem as these stunners will be available starting with this week or more precisely January 29. How much you’ll have to shell out to get your hands on these babies? Just a bit more than the typical drugstore brand. Each shade can be yours for $10.

Victorias Secret Launches 20 Nail Polish Shades Victorias Secret Launches 20 Nail Polish Shades

Photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret