Although your nails might seem like a small detail when it comes to beauty and style, nicely done nails or a botched manicure always attract attention. Because fabulous looking nails can complete one’s look, women don’t go shy on spending tens of dollars on manicures that will leave their nails looking enviable. To ensure you always look impeccable, check out the following useful tips for fabulous looking nails and try to incorporate them into your regular beauty routine.

You don’t have to be an expert to give your nails that eye catching definition that makes a difference, all you need is a little bit of skill, time and practice, and soon you’ll definitely be able to achieve a salon-style mani that will receive admiration from all of your friends.

Long nails exude femininity and the majority of women like to have longer cut nails, so if you wish to accelerate nail growth, make sure you get all the vitamins your body needs as well as massage your nails and cuticles with nourishing oils, as this way you’ll stimulate and speed-up nail growth.

The shape you file your nails in can definitely have an impact over the beauty of your hands, so make sure you opt for a flattering shape. Stiletto shaped nails are taking over as they have become a hot new trend, but that doesn’t mean that oval and square shaped nails are less popular or less fabulous. Go for the shape that suits your hand and style as this way you’ll surely not go wrong. Keep in mind to file the nail in one direction to avoid nail breakage.

If you’ve got nail varnish on your nails and want to reshape your nails, don’t remove the polish before filing as the nail polish remover will weaken the nail thus leaving it more prone to breakage during filing.

Nail polish has become a must have of the season, but if your nail polish gets chipped, your manicure will look disastrous. Carry your nail polish with you and repair any nail polish chips in time so that you always have lovely and flawless looking nails.

If you have just finished applying your favorite nail varnish and have to be on your way but don’t have enough time to wait for the coats to dry, this trick can definitely save your mani. Hold your nails under a jet of cold running water for about 10 minutes as it will speed-up the drying process.

If you have the bad habit of biting your nails and just can’t help it but do so, the trendy solution for you is gel/acrylic nails. These thick nails will be difficult to bite and thus you’ll be able to kick the habit goodbye while making sure your nails look fab at all times.

Make sure you don’t end-up with yellowish nails by applying a base coat prior to applying your favorite colored nail polish to prevent the lacquer pigment from transferring to your nail.

Make sure your nails maintain their strength and healthy coloration by going nail varnish free for a few days every month. Your nails need to breath too, so go bare for a few days and let your nails regain their healthy shine.

If you want to create an illusion of longer and thinner nails, you can apply your nail polish without going all the way on the sides. This will create the illusion of thinner and longer nails instantly, without too much fuss.

Tips for Fabulous Nails

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