There are many types of gel nails and gel nail polishes that are becoming increasingly popular. Find out all you need to know about the different types of gel nails and the proper removal procedure.

Gel nails are similar to acrylic nails, but in their case the components are pre-mixed and all you need to do is dry them correctly under a UV lamp for a perfect manicure that lasts up to two weeks. There are many types of gel nails and an increasingly bigger number of hybrid solutions for chip-resistant nails that don’t lose their shine as fast as regular nail polish.

Gel nail types are all based on the traditional nail gel, sculpted and painted on the buffed down nail by a professional. It should be applied in a thin layer and needs care every two weeks for the right look.

OPI Axxium Gel

Available in the wide variety of nail polishes made by OPI, the Axxium Gel is one of the trickier types of gel nails. It’s very important to apply a layer with exactly the same thickness all over each nail, since differences in the layer can also lead to different shades. The removal process involves acetone soaked cotton balls applied on each nail and secured with tin foil.

Gel Nail Products


With a longer lasting color than other types of nail gels, CalGel claims to last up to 4 weeks and offers a lot of color options and the possibility of custom-blending for your desired shade. The application can take longer than other types of gel nails, but the removal process is the same.

CND Shellac

A very popular gel/polish hybrid, the Shellac system uses only the UV lamps to set in the color. It doesn’t offer the same possibilities for sculpting as other types of gel nails, but the application time is shorter.

Harmony Gelish

Another nail gel with a long-lasting claim, Gelish can last up to three weeks and it’s the price conscious option. It can also be used to the sculpting associated with traditional nail gels.

Gel Nails

What Type of Nail Polish Remover Works for Gel Nails?

Depending on the choice you’ve made, you may be able to take off gel nail polish at home or you might need to schedule a visit to the salon.

Most types of gel nail polish sold for home use can be removed by simply soaking the nails in regular nail polish remover. For the more resistant types of nail gels, anything that needs drying under a UV lamp, you’ll need a special procedure and you’re better off getting your nail cleaned at the salon.

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