Celebrities pose as a great source of inspiration for style, so check out the hottest nail art designs sported by some of the most admired celebs of the moment and draw inspiration for your next trendy nail art design!

Apparently , celebrities love to make a statement through their nails, so no wonder they're flashing the newest trends as far as color and nail shape go. Some of the trendiest celebrity nail art design for 2011 have been sported by some of the biggest Hollywood divas, so if you need a bit of help to determine what's hot and what's not, check out the following celebrity nail art designs and draw inspiration from their style as they're definitely some of the hottest trendsetters of the moment.

Nail color can absolutely play an essential role as far as style goes, as a touch of the right nail polish and design can soften or bring out your hands in complete harmony with the style of your outfit. There are a myriad of nail art designs and hues you can opt for, so experiment and glam-up your nails as this year nails are a pretty important detail for style.

Trendy Celebrity Nail Art Designs 2011

It seems that celebs are done sporting square shaped nails as most of them are doing the hottest trend in town: stiletto shaped nails.
Divalicious Fergie seems to love her pointy style nails as she flashes them on the red carpet awards with pride. Since naturalness is uber-popolar, Fergie opted for a cool and simple taupe nail art design which compliments any occasion. A nude nail polish hue can never go wrong, so no wonder celebs love all hues.
Try a simple nail polish design just as Fergie or upgrade the design to a sophisticated one by mixing different nude hues for a statement, yet classy look.

Trendy Celebrity Nail Art Designs 2011

Lady Gaga is known for her nonconformist style and when it comes to her nail art designs, things don't go much different. Stiletto shaped nails are hot and as Gaga demonstrates can do wonders for your look especially if you've got a super glam and sophisticated design on.
These statement nails are definitely not for the heart-fainted ones, so if you love being in the spotlight, inspire yourself from Lady Gaga's nails and go for a dark all over nail polish which you'll upgrade through the help of gold/silver glitter and cute pearls. There are a variety of nail art accessories you can turn towards for help, so experiment and go wild with your nails!

Trendy Celebrity Nail Art Designs 2011

Rihanna knows that nothing expresses sensuality and sex-appeal better than red color, so no wonder she opted to adorn her nails with a gorgeous and uber-trendy red-orange nail polish. The simple coat of nail polish emphasizes her long oval shaped nails which draw attention like a magnet.
There are a variety of fabulous red or red-orange nail polish hues you can choose from to ensure the color compliments your skin tone best. If, however, you're looking for a unique color to underline your style, combine different hues to come-up with your own trademark hue!

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