Beautiful healthy looking nails are the only solution to a perfect manicure. Nails are very important aesthetic wise so here are some tips to speed up nail growth making them stronger and healthier.

Beautiful nails are very important if you wish to have a nice manicure. Nails can exfoliate and break easily if they are not taken care of. Lack of vitamins in our body can cause exfoliation and nail breakage.

If the nails break easily than growing them can be pretty difficult. A manicure looks better with healthy looking long nails.

If you are tired of your short nails and it seems to take forever for them to grow you need to:

Make sure you file your nails properly. Don’t be harsh on your nails and file your nails only in one direction. File last with the smoothest surface of the file to prevent the nails from exfoliating.

Nail Care

Eat healthy foods with lots of vitamins. Your nails need vitamins in order to have a nice color and strength.

Take vitamins that are especially designed to help nail growth if needed. They will make the nails grow faster and stronger. Vitamins B, C and E are very important for healthy nails and not only.

Biotin supplements are a great option for helping with nail growth.

Apply special nail polishes or nail treatments that help grow and strengthen the nails.

Apply olive oil as a natural treatment for the nails. It will soften the cuticles and since olive oil is rich in vitamins it will help your nails look shinier and healthier.

Take good care of your health most importantly because this way your nails will look better and healthier as well.