Learning how to create a fabulous manicure will save you a lot of money and time. You no longer have to spend a lot on expensive nail care treatments and waste hours with driving and waiting in the nail salon, to get the desired manicure.

Designate a little “me time” listening to some good music while pampering your nails with a beautiful manicure. The following step-by-step guide will help you to learn how to create it yourself and get a perfect manicure right at home!

Getting Prepared Before you begin, first off all gather all the tools that you need for your manicure. This is very important, as nobody wants to ruin her freshly polished, gorgeous nails. The next important thing is to check if your nail polish is in a good condition. Before you start, prepare a few things that you will need in order to create a wonderful manicure:

Proper lighting

Nail polish remover

Cotton balls

Cuticle pusher

4-sided nail buffer

A bowl of warm water

Clear Your Nails Gently wash off all the nail color residues from your nails with acetone-free nail polish remover and cotton balls.

Prepare a Soak Prepare a small bowl of warm water and get your nails a relaxing soak. Before soaking, massage your hands all over with a hand conditioner. You can pamper your nails by adding aromatherapy salts or oils to the water and soak your hand for about 10 minutes.

Remove Cuticles Apply a cuticle remover cream on the skin around your nails and gently push back the cuticles while your skin is still damp and soft. Don’t cut your cuticles, use the cuticle stick instead to push back the cuticles and take good care for your nails.

Shape Your Nails Use a 4-sided nail buffer to shape your nails and give them a healthy luster. It is a very good investment to buy a quality 4-sided nail buffer because it is key to creating a stunning manicure. Each of its sides are numbered so you will know which sides to use and what is the following step. Start with filing your nails with the first side of the buffer, to give them the desired shape. Then follow the next three steps written on the sides of the buffer to polish and shine the surface of your nails with the finely textured sides and provide your nails with a wonderful finish.

Moisturize When you are done with soaking, filing and you have pushed back the cuticles as well, massage cuticle oil or a hand lotion into your hands using circular movements. A relaxing, indulging massage improves the blood circulation and provides your skin with moisture. As a result your nail will look healthy, soft and shiny.

Apply Nail Polish Now that your nails are smooth and perfect, you can create a fabulous natural look by applying just a clear coat. If you want a more glamorous, classy look, opt for your favorite quality nail polish. First of all clean your nails from excess oils and cream residues with a toothpick wrapped with cotton and plunged into polish remover, rubbing the surface of your nails.

Add a base coat and then apply two coats of trendy and fun nail polish. When polishing your nails it is good to start in the middle part and go down the center. To obtain maximum results and a perfect finish, always let the first coat dry before applying the next one. After you are ready with applying the nail color, end up with a topcoat to ensure the durability of your manicure and give your nails an extra protection. Now you are done and your nail are lustrous, neat and wonderful, a real pleasure to behold.