The summer season is making everything bloom, so glam-up your look by paying attention to even the smallest details as it’s the small details that can really make a difference. Your nails are the details that need as much attention as you can offer them as they are always in the center of attention. There is a belief that there are a lot of things to tell about a person just by looking at their nails, so try to make a great first impression by maintaining your hands and nails in a fab condition. There are a variety of tips for fabulous looking nails to take into account, so incorporate these tips into your beauty routine as often as possible.

Women who care about their physical appearance spend tens of dollars at expensive nail salons to maintain their nails looking fabulous, but with these tips you’ll be able to save some money and benefit from equal fab results:

Speed up nail growth by ensuring you eat right and get all the nutrients your body needs in addition to massaging a cuticle oil on your nails on a daily basis. Cuticle oil contains ingredients which nourish the nail bed and will speed-up nail growth.

Chipped nail polish looks very unappealing, so if you see a little chip, try to fix it by applying a little bit of nail polish (same hue) on the chipped area. If you’ve got a bigger chipped surface, redo the entire nail.

Apply your nail polish only after you’ve applied a base coat to avoid pigment transfer from your nail polish to your nail. Nail polish pigments can color your nail, making them turn yellowish, and that is very unappealing.

If you’ve just applied your nail polish, but don’t have too much time to wait until it dries, hold the nails under cold water for about 10 minutes. The cold water will help speed-up the drying process and cause the nail polish to harden faster.

If your nails are weak, make sure you eat enough protein and apply a nail strengthening treatment. These nail straighteners contain vitamin B and can really make a difference for your nails.

If you have fragile nails, apply a nail hardener every day for about a week and then remove it using an acetone-free nail polish remover. Allow your nails to breath for a few days and then repeat. It’s best to file your nails in a squared shape rather than round if your nails are sharp as this will help make them less prone to breakage.

Allow your nails to breath a few days a month as applying nail polish every day on your nails can make your nails loose their shine and become yellowish.

Your nail polish usually chips from the tip of the nail up towards the nail bed. Prolong the life of your fab manicure by applying the nail polish in thinner layers and over the edges of the nail, towards the inside. This way the nail polish will not chip so easily, enabling your nails to look fabulous for longer.

Tips for Fabulous Looking Nails

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