Nutrition is closely related to both the health of our hair and nails. Some ingredients might improve the condition of your manicure in a totally organic way. Learn the beneficial effect of food that can guarantee the health of your nails.

Our nails might suffer due to improper treatment and poor nutrition. The best way to avoid this unpleasant situation is to include on our food list the basic ingredients that can do miracles with dull and lifeless nails. Different minerals and nutrients fulfill different roles when it comes of nourishing our health. These are vital both for our external and internal body parts.

There’s no need to blur our daily diet plan to have beautiful nails. The trick is to find out more on how to turn our meal plan into a healthy nails diet. These are the A-list guidelines to have a breath-taking manicure through a 100% green method.

Calcium and Zinc are the no.1 nutrients that should be consumed in order to maintain the health of our nails. These two ingredients on one hand boost the nail growth on the other offer the proper protective shield to keep away harmful factors.

I’m sure you already experienced the appearance of those tiny white spots on your nails. These are warning signs that you’re body is in great need of Zinc.

All you have to do is raid the garden for fresh green leafy vegetables as well as the fridge for a glass of milk and some hard-boiled eggs. These will serve as perfect potions to have strong and dazzling nails.

Carrot juice is one of the miraculous lotions that can balance the proper nutrient level in our body.

Being rich in calcium it will strengthen the nails and make them resistant to any damage. Increase the consumption of this natural and delicious juice, and drink at least 2-3 glasses of it on a daily basis.

Iron is extremely vital for your nails. The vertical ridges on them might be the signs that you neglect its consumption. This mineral can be found in liver, prunes as well as whole grains.

Don’t forget to embed these ingredients into your daily meals to see the dramatic result. Moreover iron will also do a huge favor to your blood and consequently your metabolism.

Nail care pros recommend the following composition of the ideal diet. 50% of fresh fruits and vegetables preferably raw and the other half can be also made up of other nutrient ingredients. The minerals and vitamins provided by the veggies and fruits will offer a thorough treatment to your nails boosting its natural glow and banishing the unhealthy look.

The lack of biotin in our organism can often lead to brittle nails. As the must have nutrient in a healthy nails diet it will secure the spotless state of our nails. The biotin as one of the basic element of the vitamin B family, is the perfect supplement to reduce the chance for any nail disorders.

Whether you go for natural biotin resources as the soybeans, brown rice or brewer’s yeast or you decide to take it in pills you might be surprised at the radical change you’ll experience.