Though we religiously look for new releases from the most popular brands, we are always excited to see makeup artists put their mark on the beauty industry. Nail design expert Christina Rinaldi has teamed up with label The New Black for a series of interesting new lacquer options to help us wear the season’s hottest trends on our fingertips. With three nail polish sets to choose from, you’ll definitely have plenty of alternatives to shine in the new season.

Christina was kind enough to explain the thought process that went into creating these fabulous new tones and how she made the transition from summer to fall: “This Summer was all about organic, leafy shapes and florals for me, so I think for Fall, we may focus on more structured geometric shapes. My initial thoughts for my collections were really about texture. I wanted to find new ways to create illusions of textures using different techniques. I also wanted to translate my favorite staple style pieces into nails,” she stated.

Noble Spirits Set The Digital Underground by Christina Rinaldi Noble Spirits Set The Digital Underground by Christina Rinaldi

The vision was put into three nail polish sets, all marketed under The Digital Underground umbrella. The three sets are given additional names to make them more distinctive. You can choose between Noble Spirits, Rebel Edge or Heathered. While some tones will provide the color punch you need to make a trendy statement in the new season, others will fulfill your needs for a bit of texture that makes everyone wonder why they just can’t take their eyes off your mani.

Whether you’re craving a little metallic edge with a unique fabric texture, you wish to impress with gorgeous jewel tones or want to replicate the edginess of leather and studs on your nails, the brand can make your dreams come true. Each set contains 4 x 0.125 oz nail polishes and 0.125 oz nail accessories and retails for $24. You can purchase these exciting new offerings from Sephora.

Rebel Edge The Digital Underground by Christina Rinaldi

Photo courtesy of Sephora