Brighten up your manicure with super stylish nail designs! To make your choice easier, we have selected some super stylish ideas which you can draw inspiration from.

Donning super stylish nail art designs has become a definite must this year, and Cristina's nail ideas from 'Let Them Have Polish' is a great source of inspiration. Creating a fab and sophisticated looking manicure isn't difficult, with the right tools and a bit of skill, you can create endless stylish looking nail art designs that will make you the nail queen among your friends without having to spend tens of dollars on weekly manicures.

Practice is the key to success, so start with simple nail art designs and work your way up to creating sophisticated nail art designs that will make your nails steal all the attention. Certain nail art designs look super stylish although they require minimal effort, so take a peek at the following designs so you can draw inspiration and have your nails looking stunning every time without having to spend too much time pampering them.

Super Stylish Nail Art Designs Super Stylish Nail Art Designs Super Stylish Nail Art Designs Super Stylish Nail Art Designs

Dots are the easiest detail to create if you wish to create simple, yet sophisticated nail art designs. You can go for small to big dots depending on personal preference and the way to create these dots is very easy, you only need a dotting tool, but you can also use a toothpick. Create clusters of dots randomly disposed or stacked together for a specific design. Go for contrasting colors and apply the dots only after the base nail polish color has dried to prevent the nail polish from spreading and mixing with the base. Seal the design with a top coat and your nails will look great without putting too much effort into it.

It is just amazing how much a simple line, created in a contrasting nail polish hue, can transform the look of your nails. If you're looking for something simple, yet something that will make a statement, colored French tips can definitely do the trick. Apply a base nail polish color of your favorite hue and wait for it to dry before using some scotch tape to cover the nail bed area up until the tip. This way you'll create a clean and sharp line with another nail polish color in a contrasting, yet matching hue.

Stylish Nail Art Designs Stylish Nail Art Designs Stylish Nail Art Designs Stylish Nail Art Designs

If complicated is your thing, but you're really not that skilled to create handmade nail art designs, get Konad nail art stamps as they can really make an impact. There are various design imprinted plates to choose from, which you can use to stamp on your nail with your fav nail polish, so go crazy and make the best out of your nails the easy way with this fab nail art product. Create floral, checkered, skull, butterfly, etc, nail art designs easily and let your nails make a statement. Seal the designs with a clear top coat and enjoy a flawless and effortless manicure.

Nail Art Designs Nail Art Designs Nail Art Designs Nail Art Designs

Photos via letthemhavepolish