Show off your unique take on the newest manicure trends and tint your nails with all-eyes-on-me shades. Let Cheryl from Legally Polished mesmerize you with her parade of girly, high-impact nail designs.

Use your painting skills to come up with innovative and original techniques on how to bring out the most of your nails. Can’t commit to the mono-chromatic mani trend? It’s high time to experiment with fabulous and sight-grabbing prints created with stickers and stamps.

Pink Nail Design Cloud Nail Art Lovely Nail Design Floral Nail Design

Nails have moved from being plain and mono-colored to printed and versatile. Beauty kittens who are not afraid to stand out from the rest of the crowd can pull off artsy manicure designs. Spend a few precious minutes with this selection of the most flattering nail art designs. Champion the incredibly versatile Konad and stamped manicure which allow you to flaunt your creativity. Transform acrylic or on the contrary short nails into ultimate accessories that inject extra-glam into your look.

Animal Print Nail Art Pink Animal Print Nail Art Purple Nail Art Lovely Nail Design

Bee the coolest girl at the party and say goodbye to your old look. Don’t be scared to embrace some of the colorful and edgy manicure models. The key to success is to try your hand at versatile nail designs that suit your beauty skills. Consider your skin tone when picking the nail polish shades you’re working with. Make ‘the bolder the better’ your beauty mantra this season. Adapt the various manicure trends to your nail length and shape to wear the hottest looks. Cheryl in her lovely blog provides you with the most inspiring tutorials.

Girly Nail Design Pink Nail Design Glittery Nail Design Heart Nail Design

Image courtesy of Legally Polished