The summer season has brought back color whether it’s fashion, makeup or nail art we’re talking about, so no wonder the new nail art designs suitable for summer exude a certain warmth that instantly lightens-up your look.

Choosing right from the myriad of nail art designs available is definitely not easy, this is why we have put together some stylish summery nail art designs meant to inspire you. These designs can be easily recreated with the right tools and require a minimum amount of skill, so get your gear-up and start experimenting. Fabulous nails are a definite must have this season, so don’t overlook their importance if you want to capture all the attention through your fabulous style.

Simple nail art designs are probably the easiest designs you can opt for, so add stylish fine lines and dots to your nails to create a sophisticated appearance without having to be super-talented at doing your own nails. Rhinestones are also a great way to ensure your nails are offered a touch of glamor and there are a variety of colorful rhinestones you can use. Use a special nail glue to set the rhinestones in the desired shape and your nails will definitely look amazing. To take your nails out of the ordinary apply a simple nail polish over which you’ll trace stylish lines or dots using a very thin nail art brush (dipped in a contrasting nail polish). Animal prints are also uber-hot, so try to mix and match different hues to add a fierce look to your nails.

Glittery nails as well as two tone nail art designs look amazing and don’t require too much skill. A touch of glitter in the sunlight can definitely make a high visual impact, so use your favorite glitter hues and mix them randomly for a myriad of stylish looks. Keep your nails simple or underline the glitter pattern using a thin nail brush and a stylish complementing nail polish. Fine lines can emphasize the style of your nail polish, so don’t hesitate to make your designs stand out.

Apart from glitter, two tone nail polish designs look amazing, so go for contrasting hues that work fabulously together such as red-black, black-gold, white-pink, turquoise-white, etc. Mix and match your favorite nail polish hues and your nails will most definitely look amazing.

Apply your nail polish hues in vertical lines, oblique lines, or create a colorful French nail art as either way the nails will look amazing. If you’re going to use glitter, create your nail art designs from about mid nail length as this way your nails won’t look too “heavy”.

For women who love to create amazing nail art designs but don’t have the skill or the patience these require, different techniques have been developed, such as nail art stickers or nail art stamps. Konad nail art kit works fabulous and allows you to stamp your favorite nail art designs on your nail. You can do flowers, stylish lines, butterflies and a variety of other amazing designs without putting-in the effort, and best of all, the designs will be flawless. If you love perfection, this is the way to go, so spice things up and invest in stickers or a nail art kit!

Photos courtesy of Thinkstock Photos