When it comes to manicure, we sometimes tend to forget about this part. However, as hands and nails play a crucial role in our overall aspect, we should always make sure they look flawless. Nowadays, there are a myriad of possibilities where to choose from, whether you do the manicure yourself, at home, or you go to a professional. If you are not so much into the colorful nail art ideas or different embellishments, you can always have at your disposal more simple variants with healthy looking nails. You only need some practice in order to finally get to the result you are searching for.

The easiest way to keep your nails clean and tidy is to sport the basic type of manicure. This is the easiest and the most versatile choice as it can be adapted to any outfit or occasion. Simple manicure is the one that allows you to do the manicure yourself without a beautician’s help. A transparent nail polish or a simple nail art that implies soft, neutral colors works amazing on every event and it is less challenging for you.

For a night out with your friends or for the holiday season, you can try a glittery or a metallic nail polish. First, you need to polish your nails and give them the shape you want, remove cuticles and moisturize your hands. Next, you have to apply nail polish that usually includes three phases. Start by applying a base coat that protects your nails from the damage nail polish might cause. Then, apply two coats of nail polish in the color you like and as a final step you need a shiny coat in order to fix nail polish.

French manicure represents probably one of the most simple, yet extremely sophisticated and chic manicure style that managed to remain timeless despite all trends. It can be done on natural, long nails or on artificial ones. French manicure first appeared in the 18th century and became popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Throughout time this style reinvented itself season after season, replacing the classic soft pink and white combination with bolder versions that implied embellishments or gemstones and other different patterns. When deciding for a French manicure, make sure you avoid too much white on the tip of the nail as it can create a rather unnatural look.

The classic French manicure is already a legendary style and it became famous due to its amazing versatility offering a polished and refined look. You have the possibility to depart from the accepted French manicure standard and choose colorful versions. You can also take everything to the next level and put your nail artist skills to the test by trying more complex patterns. As a special occasion requires something extraordinary, the half moon style, popular in the 1930s, works great. It is also known as the reversed French manicure.

One of the manicure trends that highly gain popularity during the last years is the one including various embellishments, gemstones, flowers with amazing patterns and prints. Decorating your nails is the most complicated type of nail art and it implies professional skills and tools, but also creativity. This is a style that manages to materialize even the most unimaginable designs. It is a real fantasy manicure that brings to life psychedelic nail arts.

You can choose the Kawaii nail art design or the latest trends with stickers of the most famous fashion brands, such as Chanel, Miu Miu or Yves Saint Laurent. Kawaii nails are extremely sweet and creative, but also really hard to make. The Japanese style features different applications, such as fruits, bows, hearts, teddy bears, cupcakes, among others. They are the perfect choice for girly, playful styles. On the other hand, if you want something unique, yet rather simple, go for a duo nail design, which strongly resembles to the French manicure, or an animal print design.