We often look at nail polishes as instant femininity enhancers and we often like the feeling of experimenting with multiple nail polish shades without committing to something permanent. Fortunately, retailers are always coming up with new ideas in order to help us avoid getting stuck in a style routine as far as manicures are concerned. For the fall season, the Spa Rituals brand has committed to help women rediscover their femininity:

“The Wilde woman embodies her authentic self while moving with the natural rhythms of life. These jeweled lacquer colors represent her warmth and strength and have a mystical depth of color in each layer. Wilde shades include Spirit Child, a fiery red shimmer, Running with Wolves, a rich copper patina, Rhythm of Life, a glistening emerald, Instinct, a majestic, shimmering purple, Howl, a deep, golden black, and Sacred Ground, a sparkling grey.”

SpaRitual founder & CCO, Shel Pink explains the main purpose for the collection: “The Wilde collection encourages women to tap into their truest selves, and express themselves through feminine, sensual colors.”

Deep, intense and shimmery, these seductive shades are jewel-toned, which are perfect for special occasion manicures as well as days when you feel the need for an instant mood booster that can make you feel more glamorous. The following six shades can help you look spectacular every single time this fall:

Spirit Child – shimmery red hue

Running With Wolves – rich copper metallic

Rhythm of Life – frosty deep emerald shimmer

Instinct – an opulent purple tone with bright blue and pink shimmer

Howl – unique deep golden black tone

Sacred Ground – sparkling grey with purple and gold sparkles

However, fascinating rich hues are not the only strong point of the collection. The brand’s eco friendly attitude is also extremely impressive. Aside from the commitment to avoid potentially dangerous chemicals such as DBP, formaldehyde and toluene, the brand also takes a few steps further. All these lust-worthy hues are vegan and moreover, the nail polish bottles are made with 50% recycled glass in order to prevent unnecessary waste.The collection is set to be launched in September and each nail polish shade will be retailed for $10.