Although it has been said that television mimics the real life it seems like things can happen the other way around as well. Fans of the famous TV series ‘Glee’ will soon have the opportunity to bring a little bit of ‘Glee’ style inspiration into their lives thanks to Sephora by OPI brand.

After the success of the Justin Bieber nail polish which started a tremendous yet absolutely predictable shopping frenzy and sold out in no less than 3000 stores andKaty Perry nail polish line going on a similar path the initiative is far from being surprising.

Simple yet extremely effective it seems like brand marketing strategy never fails to deliver the expected results. Set to be released in Los Angeles on 12th of February the limited edition line is said to generate approximately $1.5 million in sales even though Sephora representatives declined to reveal the actual sales projections made .

In an interview for WWD, Robert Marick, executive vice president of Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products declared:

“We’ve been very careful and strategic with the ‘Glee’ brand . This is a long-term brand for us, and it’s not just about getting products on the shelf — it’s about making sure whatever we do complements the show. Sephora is very committed to what is hot now, and that is a key attribute of the show. They are also supporting this with a multiplatform marketing effort.”

The line will feature seven distinct shades with suggestive names to make them easier to identify and remember. Here are the shades you’ll be able to purchase:

Slushied- an opaque blue

Hell to the No- a bold purple shade

Gleek Out- a lime glittery green

Diva-in-Training a poppy pink

Who Let The Dorks Out a peacock green

Miss Bossy Pants a rich raspberry color

Mash-Up a pearlescent green gray.

Each shade will be sold individually for $9.50 or in a mini set of six for $22 being available online at or in US Sephora stores. In addition, fans will also be able to purchase three more shades if they choose to purchase the set: “Celibacy Club” (Diamond Top Coat), “Express Yourself To Yourself” (Coral), and “Sue Vs. Shue” (Navy Blue). Nail appliques will also be part of the collection and are believed to be the starting point of several other Glee-inspired beauty products.