Sephora has updated its Formula X nail polish range with a variety of new and exciting additions worth exploring. Vibrant matte tones, chic pastels and stunning metallics are the finishes the label focuses on, bringing many interesting options in each category. The Liquid Crystals line introduced by the label is perhaps the most spectacular of the new releases as it is inspired by stained glass. The nail lacquers are made from the crushed micro-crystalline and vibrant mica and have light reflecting particles in addition to an intense color payoff.

The Celestials range also got a few updates and now beauty enthusiasts have 5 new tones to lust after and 12 total tones to choose from. Those looking for pretty pastels to update their nail polish kits for the new season, should definitely look into The Cut nail polish line, which brings five new and limited edition tones. Here are all the new season releases from Formula X for Sephora nail polish range:

The Liquid Crystals ($12.50)

The Liquid Crystals Spring 2014

Spectrum – red + gold micro-glitter in sheer crimsonSolar Flare – pink micro-glitter in sheer strawberryWavelength – pink micro-glitter in sheer purple pinkMagma – gold micro-glitter in sheer tangerineHighlighter – canary yellow micro-glitter in sheer yellowFluorescent – lime micro-glitter in sheer limeBorealis – gold micro-glitter in sheer olive green

The Liquid Crystals 2014

Moon Glow- iridescent blue micro-glitter in sheer baby bluePhotoelectric – purple + blue micro glitter in sheer bright bluePrismatic – emerald micro-glitter in sheer emeraldBeacon – royal blue micro-glitter in sheer blueMetamorphic – charcoal micro-glitter in sheer grayEquinox – purple micro-glitter in sheer purpleVaporize – silvery micro-glitter in sheer pearl white

The Celestials ($12.50)

The Celestials Spring 2014

Astrolady – Glitter pink with micro rainbow glitter shiftSci-Fi – Glitter lime green with micro opal glitter shiftGlitter Rocket – Glitter lilac with micro gold glitter shiftFree Fall – Glitter light blue with micro rainbow glitter shiftMoon Walk – Glitter white with micro opal glitter shift

The Cut ($10.50)

The Cut Spring 2014

Dynamic – Opaque light taupeOver the Top – Opaque light green yellowAlive- Opaque peach pinkA Little Sexy – Pearl light periwinkleInspiring – Pearl light turquoise

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Photos: Sephora