Check out Scotch Naturals's eco-friendly nail polish collection and embrace the new season with some jaw-dropping hues such as royal raspberry, sophisticated turquoise, subtle sage green, or steele grey!

Charmer green, deep sea blue, dark mulberry, shimmering gold, pale neutral pink, cool mint... Boy oh boy, there are some out-of-this-world hues in Scotch Naturals' nail polish collection. From light and versatile to outstanding and vampy shades, there is a color for everyone! Oh, and did we mention that Scotch Naturals is a safe and eco-friendly alternative to conventional polish? Why? Because these polishes contain none of the chemicals found in typical nail polish. They are '3 Free' as well free of ethyl acetate, butyl acetate, nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals.

Welcome the cold-weather season with a chic and flirty polish shade! Scotch Naturals has a lot in common with the women who wear it. The brand's goodies are smart, fun, and forward thinking! Besides, they are made taking into consideration the environment and come in a wide variety of colors. The products have a revolutionary water-based formula that delivers long lasting, salon-quality results. Take a peek at these beauties that add that wow-worthy touch to your appearance!

The Scotch Naturals collection comes in 34 jaw-dropping colors that guarantee to add a special je ne sais quoi to your looks! Well, unfriendly weather doesn't mean we have to neglect our nails! Embrace the new season with these utterly gorgeous hues! Don't be afraid to try something a little bit more daring and stand out from the crowd!
Think royal raspberry, vibrant pink-red, sophisticated turquoise, or regal shimmering violet! If you're the color shy type of girl, the line also features some achingly lovely hues such as subtle sage green, tawny beige, neutral pink, heathered lavender crème, smoky blue, or lambs wool creme.

Oh, Scotch Naturals also created some shades in order to match the autumnal mood. There is a shimmering aged orange-red, a steele grey creme, and a shimmering extreme aubergine. We are completely hooked! Have a nosey at these eye-catchers, choose your favs and get ready to win the spotlight! Keep in mind that these products have a water-based formula that allows them to dry to the touch in minutes, but they need a few hours to cure fully prior to prolonged exposure to water.

Photos courtesy of Scotch Naturals