Your nails can be the ultimate fashion statement if you pay close attention to some of the most interesting and alluring nail designs of the moment. Nail enthusiasts are always presenting fresh styles and patterns that clearly show the endless choices the latest nail art techniques offer.

Stylish and sophisticated, classy and abstract or funky and creative, nail designs can be a great style enhancer regardless of the occasion. Complex nail patterns tend to be the most attention grabbing ones, however even an apparently simple nail design can be an instant conversation starter if the motifs or the theme chosen are particularly intriguing.

Selecting interesting motifs is one of the best ways to make a powerful impression right from the start. Geometric patterns and nature related motifs are typically some of the most popular ones as they are tremendously versatile and fairly complex looking. Once an interesting theme is selected, perfect execution is the only additional step required in order to be able to impress.

Contrasts through colors, texture or even unusual motif combinations can be great choices if you wish to bring an original touch to a popular theme. However, don’t fall in the trap of thinking that complicated pattens are the only road towards nail design success. Minimal nail art can be just as refreshing as a busy complex pattern if done creatively.

Experimenting with multiple nail art techniques can also be a good choice if you wish to expand your style vision and keep your manis fresh at all times. Water marbling, konad stamping or even minx nails are just some of the options available nowadays. Variety is the key to avoiding style boredom, so taking minimum risks in terms nail art can be extremely interesting and rewarding. So, next time you schedule a well deserved pampering session, break out of your comfort zone and try something new and exciting.

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