Priti NYC used Croatia as inspiration for the fall 2012 collection. Check out the new tones from the 'Yacht week in Croatia' nail polish line.

It can be hard to abandon the memories of the fun summer vacations and accept that the chilly weather is settling in. However, updating our look without losing the fun memories is made easier with the new Priti NYC fall 2012 collection, Yacht Week in Croatia. If the spring 2012 had us craving a Turkish Sorbet, the fall collection follows a similar path and the colors remain as exciting as one might expect.

The rainy season means embracing rich tones which exude sophistication rather than screaming 'look at me'. It's not mandatory to go for metallics or dark tones if you would rather use color as a way to perk you up. The new options are perfect if you prefer this type of approach. Add these gorgeous autumnal tones to your new season makeover beauty arsenal:

Priti NYC Yacht Week in Croatia Fall 2012 Nail Polishes

Irish Molly – an autumn brownSea Holly – a deep tealPainter’s Palette – burgundy wineStonecrop – a bright leafy green.
As we've previously mentioned, the label is committed to being as eco friendly as possible and has gone beyond the usual step of ensuring the new offerings are 3-free. The label has now teamed up with Chemwise to help fashionistas with a green thumb do their part in helping the environment. The new tones are available on the brand's official website for $12 per bottle.

Priti NYC Yacht Week in Croatia Fall 2012 Nail Polishes

Photo courtesy of Priti NYC