We just can’t get enough of the manicure designs envisioned by Cristina from Let Them Have Polish, so we came back for more! The pretty holiday nail art designs below can definitely furnish you with a wide repertoire of beauty inspiration. Follow the footsteps of this super-creative nail painter and work only with high street formulas that secure the dazzling success of your makeover.

Prepare the canvas for the ultimate nail décor operas by pampering this spot with deep conditioning and moisturizing products. It’s time to break the monotony and experiment with a myriad of lovely and colorful nail models.

Polka Dot Nail Art Polka Dot Nail Art Lovely Nail Art Pink Nail Art

Inject a funky vibe into your warm season appearance by embracing some of these colorful and on trend manicure trends. Juggle with the most sight-pampering shades and prints to come up with brand new ideas. Work with high class tools and compositions that preserve the flawless condition of your nails. Make a long term beauty investment and arm up your beauty kit with a few of the most impressive nail polish collections. Add a pop of color to your look and try your hand at easy-to-create and -wear manicure ideas.

Marble Nail Art Crackle Nail Art Pink Nail Art Blue Nail Art

Lend your nails a modern allure using shades that complement your skin tone. Don’t limit yourself to pastels or brights in order to preserve the versatility of your appearance. Youthful meets elegant in the manicure designs created by Cristina. Therefore, let her beauty operas mesmerize you and offer you the necessary motivation to go bold with your nails. Let Them Have Polish is the perfect spot to visit if you wish to expand your nail design inspiration set. Love your high street side and wow your friends with brand new models that allow you to improve your nail painting skills. Stripes, polka dots and other designs together with the hottest nail decorating techniques will offer you the chance to live out your wildest beauty fantasies.

Nautical Nail Art Striped Nail Art

Image courtesy of letthemhavepolish