In order to be the girl of the moment it’s extremely important to devote some attention to your manicure. A general rule is to choose nail polish shades according to your skin tone, however this season nail artists advise you to go as bold as you can with your nails.

Wobble between the extremes of neutrals and paste hues and bright radiating color. The more you expand the color palette you’re working with, the higher the chances that you attract immediate attention. Adapt your mani to your personality for a magical makeover.

Gold Nail Color Red Nail Color Beige Nail Color Grey Nail Color

We have all the inspiring manicure designs you’ll need to keep your nails looking voguish. The best way to revive your look is to consider the it-est color trends in nail painting. The hot nail varnish collections from the market will show you how to increase your options to rock a scene-stealing manicure. Metallic hues are perfect to stand out from the crowd and adopt a more classy and lady-like look.

Use silver or golden shades to add some definition to your manicure. On the other hand, you can also opt for pastel tones that can be considered some of the safest options that suit all complexion shades. Regardless of your nail length and shape, apply a light pink, beige or another creamy color to your nails and make sure you work only with high street formulas for a long-lasting hold.

Brown Nail Color Pastel Nail Color Gold Nail Color Red Nail Color

Don’t deprive yourself of a splash of color either. These fabulous examples of runway-inspired manicure ideas can provide you with some inspiration for your next beauty shopping binge. Hit the stores to purchase the versatile shades of green, blue and pink to make sure you have a life-saving beauty fix at hand. Complement your party look with an A-lister nail design. Short nails look stunning when tinted with vibrant colors. On the other hand, sporting your long and acrylic nails when drenched into these vibrant shades might require some courage. Pick the most impressive hues according to your mood and personality.

Half Moon Nail Art Half Moon Nail Art Dark Nail Color Green Nail Color

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