Panasonic is joining the wide array of retailers who take advantage of the latest technology to make you more beautiful. The tech company is aiming to facilitate the beauty enthusiasts’ lives with a new launch: the ES-WC30 Gel Nail Polish Remover. The hassle of booking appointments or the effort-intensive task of trying to do it all on your own might soon be a thing of the past if you take advantage of the newest technology advances.

With the increasing popularity of gel nail polish, more and more women wish to give the trend a go and have as much control over the process as possible. The new gel nail polish remover aims to make the task of caring for your nails in the comfort of your own home a lot easier. Essentially, the battery operated gadget will have a Gel Sanding attachment to quickly buff the nails which will make it easier for the nail polish remover to penetrate. Then, after the nail polish remover is applied and the gel is softened, it can be easily removed using the decoration remover and cuticle care attachment which will gently peel off the gel nail polish.

Panasonic to Launch At Home Gel Nail Polish Remover

Natalia Salazar, Product Manager, Personal Care, Panasonic Consumer Marketing Company of North America explains the main benefits the new beauty gadget brings: “The new Panasonic Gel Nail Polish Remover offers consumers an alternative to going to the salon to get the nail care they may need, sometimes at a moment’s notice. This product provides women the opportunity to quickly touch-up their nails or remove gel nail polish, quickly and painlessly”.

Though the new beauty tool is set to be launched this spring, brand representatives have chosen not to disclose the price it will retail for until the product launches. It’s hard to predict what the new beauty tool will retail for but we sure hope that the pricing will be reasonable enough to allow beauty enthusiasts experiment with as many different nail art trends as possible.