The collection envisioned by nail artist at Orly is one of the most promising parades of nail colors that would definitely serve as the best means to polish our manicure to perfection. The main inspiration for the Precious line as the French Revolution which gives an extra meaning to the whole chromatic palette used to create the top nail polish set for the upcoming season. The matte as well as the sparkling shades all aim to take us back in time and make a connection with the image of the high class in Europe.

Undoubtedly, the colors are sophisticated and warm-weather-oriented, offering us the chance to breathe some life into our manicure and sport the most flattering shades that complement our sun-kissed skin or, on the contrary, pale and spotless complexion. As the name of the various elements of the collection mirror, these colors are here to add an extra-glam to our formal and also casual appearance.

The Orly Precious Nail Polish collection includes shades as:

Pure Porcelain

Gilded Coral

Fancy Fuchsia

Ancient Jade

Sapphire Silk

Royal Velvet

Pastels are fused in the same collection with the glittery glam nail colors that make up a complex and all-suitable set of nail lacquers. Use your creativity to mix the different tones or you can keep your manicure pretty and neat by sporting a monochromatic nail art style. The various skin tones will be perfectly highlighted and set into the spotlight with the help of these shades. Apply the cute colors to your short trimmed nails or the acrylic ones, depending on your preferences.

The collection is available from March 2011, therefore, prepare for trawling the stores for this fabulous nail polish collection.

Image courtesy of Orly