The new season is announcing itself as a hot one as far as nail polish goes as professionals have managed to go overboard with their creations, thus bringing sizzling new pigments to the nail color scene, nail lacquers that deliver instant results due to their intense pigmentation and innovative formulas. For the fall 2012 season, professional nail care label Orly decided to go in a different direction compared to other nail color brands and transpose the seductive power of sizzling glitter into their Flash Glam FX nail polish collection.

The new nail polish collection signed Orly delivers a full spectrum of fabulous glitter hues that you’ll be able to mix and match to bring a bit of an extra ‘bling’ into your look. 22 fab Flash Glam FX nail lacquers will await your touch, so use your favorite hues and polish your nails to perfection. Use the heavy glitter nail polishes individually or create a totally unique, statement look by applying your fav glitter mix over a black, crème base, just as the brand suggests in the promo pic. These hyper-reflective pigments will dare you to resist them, so browse through the gorgeous collection and pick your new season favorites as these hues are definitely unique and will give your autumnal colored wardrobe a bit of an extra dose of glamor. Orly’s Flash Glam FX nail polish collection includes the following:

Orly Flash Glam FX Nail Polishes for Fall 2012

The nail polishes are already available for purchase and retail for $10 each, so grab a hold of your favorite DBP, formaldehyde and toluene free nail polishes and glitter up your nails to perfection.

Photos courtesy of Orly Beauty