With summer around the corner, everyone is beginning to realize the need for certain stylistic changes and retailers are beginning to adapt by bringing a multitude of new tones to suit our needs. While the feelings of cool romance were an excellent alternative for the early spring months, for the hottest days of the year, Orly has prepared fans and potential customers a colorful surprise with the newest collection titled ‘Feel the Vibe’.

The love for neons and the almost inseparable connection to the summer season used by most brands is reflected in the choice of colors once again. The contrast on sunkissed skin, the instant statement and the fun allure of such tones is perfectly reflected in the new color choices for the season. Reminding us of the multitude of fun activities related to summer, the label endorses the following exciting alternatives:

#40760 Beach Cruiser – fuchsia neon

#40761 Skinny Dip – navy blue with iridescent blue

#40762 Dayglow – pearl white

#40763After Party – electric light blue

#40764 Melt Your Popsicle  – orange neon

#40765 Glowstick  – neon yellow

The new tones are set to hit the market in April 2012 and will be available in two versions. The regular 18 ml version and a smaller, equally cute version at 5.4 ml. The regular version will have suggested retail price of $7.50.

Photo courtesy of Orly