Special movies, ones that are destined to be a major hit to be remembered are coming with more than a great plot and a fabulous set of characters lately. Nowadays, major cinematographic hits are anticipated with great nail polish collections named after them and this is exactly the case for the Dark Shadows movie which is set to be released this May. Orly has prepared a nail lacquer collection which revolves exactly around some of the main concepts of the movie, which has Johnny Depp as the main character.

The dark comedy revolves around the complications previously imprisoned vampire, Barnabas Collins, faces when he finds out his rather dysfunctional family members are in need of his protection, so it was to be expected that the color palette for the collection is also constructed to give a complex vibe and an intense feeling.

Darkness, mystery or curses might have frightening connotations, yet the almost magnetic appeal of the collection makes us want to ignore the possible dangers and indulge in one of the following mesmerizing tones:

Orly Dark Shadows 2012 Nail Polish Collection Orly Dark Shadows 2012 Nail Polish Collection

Grave Mistake – a macabre red

Buried Alive – a copper brown shimmer

Mysterious Curse – an iridescent purple

Decades of Dysfunction – a creamy pink

The nail polish collection, just like the movie, will be released in May, just before the movie. However, Allure reports that beginning with April 1, the fans who log on to Orly’s Facebook page will have the chance to win a private screening of the movie with 50 friends. The limited edition shades will cost 8.50 each and will be available at orlybeauty.com, Sally Beauty and at Ulta.

Photo courtesy of Orly, Warner Bros.