There were so many pleasant surprises from OPI lately. Various movie-teamed tones, seductive on trend shades catering to almost every need, a new set of nail polish strips that will certainly make things easier for those lusting for complex patterns without necessarily having the right tools and skills to achieve it, the list of delightful colorful goodies is pretty comprehensive.

Still, despite the impressively extensive list of options available there was one thing OPI hadn’t covered before: neons. This will soon be a thing of the past since the brand has set out to make sure every possible style need is covered. And, with the incredible popularity of the neon tones trend this season, the choice couldn’t have been more appropriate and justified. The new intense brights come in a fabulous mini set which is perfect for allowing you to experiment with the trend without running the risk of getting bored.

OPI Outrageous Neons Mini Nail Polish Pack OPI Outrageous Neons Mini Nail Polish Pack

The travel friendly set comes in four eye-popping trendy tones that certainly live up to their names which undoubtedly leave no room for confusion: Ridiculously Yellow, Formidably Orange, Riotously Pink and Seriously Purple. All tones have a matte finish. To ensure a gorgeous effect, the set contains a white base which highlights the tones even more and, for a little bit of shine and extra protection against chips, a clear topcoat.

The mini collection is, as expected, limited edition and is set to hit the counters in July. While the price of the set is not confirmed yet, you should definitely move fast if you’re excited about the tones as there are failry high chances that the collection will sell out in no time.

Photo and video courtesy of OPI