With the multitude of exciting patterns that make nail art so appealing, settling for monochrome manis can be difficult. On the other hand, getting regular manicures can prove quite a strain on our budget. Fortunately, the nail industry is constantly coming up with solutions to help us reach a happy middle ground. After the Sally Hensen brand became known for offering nail stripe patterns, OPI is jumping on board with new ‘nail apps’.

OPI Executive Vice President Suzi Weiss-Fischmann explained the reason behind this exciting decision by stating: “Nail art has become increasingly popular with both consumers and trained professionals. These strips provide the perfect way to get a one-of-a-kind look that cannot be replicated by hand.” Indeed, getting flawless complex patterns can be quite a challenge, so every step which helps remove difficulty while helping us look a lot prettier is definitely greatly appreciated.

OPI Introduces Nail Polish Strips

From sexy to trendy, the options are definitely designed to provide variety and give us plenty of alternatives to experiment with different artistic touches. As some might have guessed, fashion trends always influence beauty trends which means you’ll be able to stay stylish without going for overpowering items. Animal or floral prints are a perfect example of the this idea and can prove the perfect hint of trendiness without all the concern for perfectly matching the rest of the outfit.

Geometric vibes along with abstract hints are other popular choices that the brand tempts us with. From uber colorful options to more subdued ones and everything in between, the label strives to leave no interesting theme untouched. Decorate your nails with fun and stylish nail stripes. The newest OPI offerings will hit the market later this month and will retail for $12 a pack.

OPI Introduces Nail Polish Strips

Photo courtesy of OPI