The OPI Muppets Most Wanted collection for spring 2014 will soon hit the stores. As the launch date for the new Muppets Most Wanted movie approaches we are beginning to find out more and more details about the movie, but for the Muppets fans who happen to be interested in beauty, the 2014 Muppets-inspired OPI nail polish line is by far one of the best news out there.

Unlike the previous Muppets themed OPI collection, the new line is smaller and slightly more subtle, however, the label compensates for the more subdued color palette with a significant dose of glitter. As always, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Executive VP presents the vision behind the new line:

“Fashionable Miss Piggy is represented through soft pink, peach and pearlescent hues, as well as a frosty sapphire blue – Miss Piggy’s Big Number – to match her fabulous tour gown. The remaining four shades highlight the film’s unexpected elements and include a color-shifting mauve and three sparkle-packed lacquers – including my personal favorite Gaining Mole-mentum, a gold and rose chunky shredded glitter.”

Naturally, the new limited edition OPI Muppets nail polish tones are presented beautifully with plenty of fun references to the popular series and its beloved characters:

Opi Lets Do Anything We WantOpi Kermit Me To SpeakOpi Gaining Mole

Let’s Do Anything We Want! – There’s no holding back this rose gold glitter with white confetti.Kermit Me to Speak – Listen up… I’ve got lots to say about this rosy mauve.Gaining Mole-mentum – Make your beauty mark with this shredded gold and chunky pink glitter.

Opi Muppets World TourOpi Miss Piggys Big NumberOpi I Love Applause

Muppets World Tour – This white quartz with colorful sparkle is a global sensation.Miss Piggy’s Big Number – Stand back… Miss Piggy’s on sapphire.I Love Applause -This sheer, sweet pink deserves a standing ovation.

Opi Intl Crime CaperOpi Chillin Like A Villian

Int’l Crime Caper -To miss this opalescent pearl would be the crime of the century.Chillin’ Like a Villain – My evil plan… to get away with this precious, sheer nude.

The OPI Muppets Most Wanted nail lacquer collection arrives in stores starting with March.

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