The start of a new school year is literally days away, which makes the back to school feelings imminent. Whether you’re preparing for the new challenge or you nostalgically try to recreate the feelings associated with it, we can bet you don’t like to see summer leave just yet. We can’t do anything about the seasonal change, but we can offer you a beauty solution for hanging on to the last sunny days or translating the season’s vibrant touch into new season manis with a fun twist.

One of the possible answers to these desires is the NPW Nail Polish Set. The five neon tones are the perfect iteration of one of the soon to end season’s most dominant trends. While the new tones are marketed as kid’s wear, we see no reason why including these handy nail art tools in your nail art kit would be inappropriate. Even if you go to the ‘dark side’ for the fall/winter season, a vibrant touch now and then can definitely help keep your spirits up and your nails trendy, especially if you adopt the right style perspective.

The possibilities are only limited to your imagination when it comes to creating delightful patterns and designs that will brighten your day. Experiment with these fun touches in a multitude of ways for a fabulous allure with an interesting twist. If these fun tones have stirred up your creativity and you feel like you must have them right now, you’re in great luck as you can find the set of five at Nordstrom for $14 or at £9.95

NPW Nail Art Pens