Nicole by OPI comes with a fab new project: a Modern Family themed project which promises to knock fans' socks off. Check out the 14 nail polishes which are expected to hit shelves in January 2013.

When it comes to retailers that know how to take the pulse of the action, OPI and its branch Nicole by OPI sure lead the way. Some of the recent examples concerning Nicole by OPI include Kardashian Kolor for Nicole by OPI,Selena Gomez for the spring 2013 collection and now a Modern Family teamed collection which promises to rival the success of the aforementioned projects. The new project focuses around vibrant colors which highlight some of the essence of the main characters the series revolves around.

Like always, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann explains the reasoning behind the new collection best: “Modern Family is not only one of the funniest shows on television, it features a great ensemble cast of rich characters that inspired a range of shades, from pastel hues like sea foam green and periwinkle to brighter colors of cobalt and red-violet. From studious Alex to bombshell Gloria, to classic (and neurotic) Claire, to flirty Haley, there are shades to represent each of these uniquely fabulous women – and everyone else in the blended family. The Nicole consumer embraces the same spirit of diversity and individuality that’s apparent on the show. The colors inspired by Modern Family offer a perfect way to express that spirit!”

Nicole by OPI Modern Family Spring 2013 Nail Polishes

Like any mutually beneficial relationship, the show also recognizes the benefits of such collaboration: “Modern Family is a series that has a massive following. In partnering with Nicole by OPI, we’re not only able to reach our show’s large fan base, but deliver a product that captures the trend-forward elements and unique characteristics of the series,” said one brand representative. Now let's take a closer look at the shades themselves and their unmistakably original puns:

Am I Making Myself Claire? – Make no mistake…I’m liking this lilac.
I Do De-Claire! – Let me just say how frosty cool this soft rose is!
She’s Lily Something – Pink, sparkly stars…so Daddies’ Little Girl-y!
A Like-Haley Story… – Typical teenagers (and their moms!) will love this not-so-typical fuchsia.
My Jay or the Highway! – This trendy taupe is inflexibly cool. Period.
Stand by Your Manny – Be loyal to this periwinkle blue.
Alex by the Books – Look smart in this seafoam green.
Haley Good Lookin’… – She’s cookin’ up plans for this pink super-glitter.
Basking in Gloria – This red-violet is the color of passion.
Luke of the Draw – Chances are you’ll love this gunmetal glitter.
A Phil’s Paradise – No fooling…this pewter is the real deal.
Candid Cameron – Call this teal just like you see it…gorgeous!
Back in My Gloria Days… – This voluptuous violet has still got it goin’ on!
What’s the Mitch-uation? – This cobalt blue demands an update.

Fans of the series and the brand, take note: these lust-worthy nail polishes will be launched starting with January 2013 at ULTA, Target and other drugstores.

Nicole by OPI Modern Family Spring 2013 Nail Polishes

Photo courtesy of Nicole by OPI, ABC