Perk up your manicure with the latest trends in nail colors. This winter make sure you have the right kit and fabulous color palette to work with from the Fall Winter 2010 nail polish trends. Uniform tinted nails are just as popular this season and printed and painted ones. Therefore instead of struggling with the various designs make sure you choose base tones that would make the same mesmerizing impression when applied with great care and mastery.

The NARS Vintage Nail Polish collection 2010 would provide you with the most fabulous hues that bring out the best of your nails. Pick the shades that match your personality and let the great designers of these iconic nail polishes take you off your feet.

Mash:Adapting to the latest military and utilitarian fashion trend Mash is a green tone infused with gold. The glamorous look is given indeed by the fabulous combo of these two shades creating a unique harmony.

King Kong:Gold seems to be the base shade when it comes of vintage tones therefore the designers of this hue decided to fuse copper with this popular metallic tone in order to pull off a similar sight-pleasing and old time beauty nail varnish shade.

Midnight Express:Navy is the real deal when you wish to complete your stylish vintage-inspired outfit. The depth as well as profound and subtle elegance of the shade would turn your manicure into a real statement accessory both when you have super-long and also short and perfectly conditioned short nails.

Zulu: One of the most inspiring and edgy nail polish tones, bearing the symbolic name of Zulu was envisioned by designers as the perfect detail to stand out from the crowd and make a smashing impression. The forest green hue when paired with our nails as well as classy outfit would definitely get us into the groove of Hollywood glam.

Full Metal Jacket: The gunmetal grey tone would help you shine through the night when preparing for a special event. The cold glittery hue managed to inspire the creators to envision a similar nail polish that thanks to its versatile effect would serve as the key piece to crown our look.

Blue Lagoon:The iridescent blue shade paired with the refined texture of the nail polish would take us off our feet. Indeed a similar shade having this admirable name would help us complete our casual chic as well as formal apparel.

Hunger: The hot orange shade is a top notch accessory for the ones who are fond of the old time Hollywood glam red can radiate. Beside the full and fiery lips try your hand at this nail color that would make your manicure pop and attract immediate attention.

Zizi: Glittery nails are on trend this season therefore go for this cute nail polish to stay versed with the latest style tendencies. Zizi is a gold and peachy shade that suits all skin tone and nail shapes.

Cha Cha Cha: Experiment with the uber-voguish Cha Cha Cha of a tangerine and golden complexion. Pair this chic nail color with your sensuous and feminine outfit to impress your date and friends.

Tallulah: Play up the beauty of your nail with a rich grape shade that is perfect if you are keen to sport deep and sultry nails. Top your manicure with a suitable makeup that helps you get into the nostalgic atmosphere of vintage chic.

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